Make it your Meeting

With each ebb of the next COVID-19 wave, there remains the promise of returning to the office. While many work-from-home advocates are dreading this moment, I am taking it as an opportunity to reinvent myself when I head into the conference room next. Having gotten so used to casual jeans and a jumper, I’m looking forward to a more polished appearance. Shaved face, ironed shirt, and a trusty fountain pen in my hand.

You see, for better or for worse, appearances matter in the office for many sectors. And, because of this, striving for the best representation of oneself can pay off in dividends. While everyone is wearing an off-the-rack suit, get yours tailored. While everyone is slipping on their trainers, keep your brogues looking swell. And while everyone is clicking their standard-issue BIC, pull out your fountain pen and see how the atmosphere around the conference table changes.

A nice pen is a statement. It tells others that you care about the little things, the small pleasures, while still maintaining a high degree of discernment. It says you’re able to slow down, take a moment. It says you value quality work above anything else.

And, really, isn’t that what makes a good employee? One who can balance their own interests with others. One who understands hard work and passion can be one in the same. And, most importantly, who has a level of perfectionism that’s not easily compromised.

When you take a quality pen out at your next meeting, see how your coworker’s eyes gravitate towards your notes. Maybe there will be envy in their eyes, maybe a little smirk of “Get a load of this guy!” but either way, you’ll have the confidence to work harder, get your paycheck…and maybe buy a new pen when you get your next promotion.

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