Meet the New Caran d’Ache Léman Bleu Marin

Swiss design is a mixture of elegance and technical precision and Caran d’Ache highlights this marriage well. With their latest release, the Léman Bleu Marin, we see not only the Swiss design philosophy in place, but also a more modern, robust take on a classic color combination, brought to us in new ways.

The latest in the Léman series, Bleu Marin was created to pay homage to the reflections found in Lake Geneva. Here, one feels a sense of peace, tranquility, and adventure that has inspired millions of tourists and native Swiss locals alike.

The pen utilizes two decorative techniques to perfect this pen’s design. First, a guillochage technique creates the grooves of the pen, a first for Caran d’Ache. Second, the colored lacquer is placed atop. Most noticeable is that Bleu Marin has a geometric rippling effect across the barrel of the pen, overlaying a silver body. The translucent lacquer is a bold, vibrant blue that takes this pen into the modern age and is on trend but not necessarily flashy. It’s a pen that will age beautifully while still maintaining a more youthful, modern feel.

This pen is available in three versions (ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain) with prices starting at $ 565.00 VAT. The nib is an 18-carat rhodium-coated nib in Fine, Medium, and Broad. The filling mechanism for the fountain pen uses a piston pump or cartridge. More information can be found via Caran d’Ache’s website. 

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