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5 Pens to Flex at New Year’s Eve Party

Here we go again. Christmas is over and we’re heading towards New Year’s Eve – another chance to sip champagne and spend quality time with your friends, brag about that fancy ski vacation you’ve just booked in the French Alps or gossip about the dull Christmas dinner you’ve been invited to. But what if I tell you this party could be a chance to flex one of the latest additions to your pen collection. And to be honest, starting a conversation about pens sounds better than chatting about New Year’s resolutions; Who cares about them? At least during the party… And because watches or jewellery aren’t the only accessories that can be flaunted on this occasion, we’ve rounded up 5 Pens you can flex at the New Year’s Eve party.

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: don’t bring your pen in a leather pouch at least not for the event. Instead let it sit nonchalantly in your chest pocket, it looks better than a pocket square, which has become a bit old-fashioned anyway. But, if you still wanna wear a pocket square, you might as well use the inside pocket of your jacket to keep your pen in place. 

Namiki Emperor Urushi

It’s often said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this pen is nothing but the embodiment of simplicity. Covered in several layers of Urushi lacquer, it boasts an incredible, eye-catching lustre. Not to mention the yellow gold elements and its imposing proportions that make it easy to spot. 

Montegrappa Extra 1930 Red

Montegrappa’s Extra 1930 in red is another great option if you like the way celluloid looks and feels, and with this material becoming so scarce, you have even more reason to parade it around.

Let’s not forget that red is also known to bring good luck and good fortune, and suddenly your pen becomes a precious totem to sport in the new year.

Montblanc’s Patron of Art – any edition

If you’re lucky enough to own such a masterpiece, it would be a pity not to show it off. Let’s put the ornaments aside for a moment and think of all the storytelling around each edition. How about some small talk about the Aztec Empire or the legendary Pavarotti? Quite interesting I’d say. If you don’t own a PoA, any other special edition would work just as well.

Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Moctezuma I 888
Montblanc Great Characters Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition

Pelikan M1000 Raden Green Ray

As one of Pelikan’s most sought-after pens, this Nautilus of the pen industry is definitely a pen you want to show off at the New Year’s Eve party. You’ll surely catch everyone’s attention with those pearly blue-green reflections. 

Sailor Naginata Togi Ebonite RYOKKYO Green Echo

Inspired by the magical setting of Mishyaka pond, Sailor’s Ryokkyo makes the list for its incredibly unique look and, of course, the 21k gold Naginata Togi nib, which can’t go unnoticed. 

And you, what pens are you planning to flex at the New Year’s Eve party? 

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