Meet the New Releases of design04 – More Refined and Versatile

If last week I introduced you to the latest additions to the design03 series, today we’ll be having a look at design04, which has been joined by four new models. From classic platinum to yellow gold, each new edition is the embodiment of pure elegance. Let’s discover them together in the following! 

Unlike the other series, the design04 stood out from the very beginning with a classy silhouette inspired by an original Otto Hutt design. An homage to linearity and well-defined proportions, the design04 features a compact body that provides excellent handling and unparalleled writing comfort. Functionality is not the only forte of this line as it also boasts impeccable aesthetics thanks to all the premium finishes and high-quality materials. Not to mention the fact that Otto Hutt has adapted this classic design to the modern times we live in, one of the coolest features, I’d say.

Photo courtesy of The Scribe

If previous editions like the Wave Guilloché or the Princess Cut have made design04 popular through their innovative design, the new models are more refined, and also more versatile. Perhaps what I like the most is that all four new editions: Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Ruthenium add a fresh twist to the collection and seem to be the perfect choice for those looking for something elegant and sophisticated. 

I think the Classic Platinum and Ruthenium would fit perfectly in a business environment due to their sober look while the Yellow Gold and Rose Gold editions would be great for those with a penchant for exquisiteness given their extravagant look.

Personally, I would pair the new design04 Ruthenium with my apple watch in the same shades, so I look forward to purchasing one soon. It will also make a good team with the existing design04 Wave Black in my collection.

And you, which of these designs do you like best?

All four versions are now available on
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