A Father’s Day Gift Guide from Inkstable

For many, a father is the first hero that a son knows. He is the one to teach us responsibility, kindness, and pride in ourselves and our work. What better way to show your appreciation than with a thoughtful gift?

With Father’s Day next week, June 19, Inkstable has put together a Father’s Day gift guide of some of our favorite products that we believe any dad – even those that don’t collect pens – may enjoy. 

Keep reading to get inspired.

Smythson Soho Notebook

A classic that we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, it’s hard to go wrong with a Smythson notebook. The Soho is the perfect size for jotting notes, making lists, or keeping track of a busy to-do list and a great option for your dad. I’m impressed with the quality of the lambskin cover and the pale blue paper, giving this an elevated look at a reasonable price point.

Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire LeGrand Fountain Pen Blue

If your father is a fountain pen guy, chances are he’s had his eye on a Montblanc, if he doesn’t own one already. While the standard colors and designs are always on-trend, there is something about the Glacier LeGrand that has generated lots of interest since its release earlier this year. It’s a striking balance of subtlety and design, the pale blue is a great complement to any father’s desk (and would go great with the Smythson above).

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi Ink

Sometimes, we just need to keep it simple and there is no better ink on the market – in terms of general use and bottle design – than Pilot Iroshizuku. Easy to use, with a wide mouth for filling a converter, it’s a staple on anyone’s desk. Chances are, your dad could use another bottle. Might as well stock him up.

Pineider Medium Desk Pad

Invariably useful, a desk pad protects the wood beneath a sheet of paper while writing and scribbling throughout the day. This lambskin desk pad, made by Pineider, has chrome touches and is a great size for a keyboard or notebook to lay comfortably on top. Even something so simple still has the elegance and appeal that is synonymous with Pineider.

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Tray

A pen tray is a staple for any gentleman’s desk and this one, made from alderwood, has a warm feel to it. Offset against the chrome ends, it is a nice balance of new-and-old that will surely make a statement at work.

El Casco Black and Gold Letter Tray

And speaking of desk accessories that make a statement, no one does it better than El Casco. This black and gold letter tray can house bills, documents, or his expectant Father’s Day cards from you and your siblings. Manufactured in steel with black lacquering and 23-karat gold finishes, this is an elevated alternative to the piles of papers that inevitably end up on one’s desk throughout the day.

Esterbrook Nook Pen Holder

With multiple options in a range of pen capacities, the Nook is a great choice for the dad who has multiple pens, but nowhere to put them. Inspired by British designs, this tan is a warm tone with a brown and orange interior in the classic Americana design that Estebrook’s known for. My idea: get him a 12-pen size and for the next twelve years get him a new pen each year to fill it up. It’ll be something he treasures for years to come and look forward to each Father’s Day.

Hermes Mises et Relances Mini Change Tray

Sometimes, the most simple desk accessory can be the most beautiful. Hermes makes great daily pieces and their mini change tray is no different. Made from a full-grain taurillon leather with contrasting stitching, it’s got all of the beauty of the design house but made for daily use in mind to throw some keys, a few coins, and whatever else may be in his pockets at the end of a long day.

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