Montblanc’s Legend of Zodiacs – The Tiger Limited Edition 512

As you all know, 2022 is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, which is why brands in the pen industry have already started to properly celebrate the event with special editions, some more interesting than others. If you remember, just 2 weeks ago we announced in an article the launch of the special edition created by Montegrappa. Today, we are honoured to introduce the special edition dedicated to the Year of the Tiger, part of the Signs and Symbols collection signed by Montblanc. And like every edition released annually since 2015, the 2022 Legend of Zodiacs edition also stands tall. 

The myth of the Great Race 

Before we explore the details of this issue, let’s find out how the Chinese zodiac actually came into being, because there’s a whole story behind it. It is said to have started with the event held by Jade Emperor who declared a race in which various animals would compete with each to reach the far bank of a river and then the first 12 animals to cross the finish line would each be given the right to represent one of the 12 years of the zodiac. To summarise, just as the ox was about to cross the finish line, the rat, having climbed on the ox’s back, jumped off and made a mad dash to the finish, claiming first place. Then followed the ox and shortly afterwards the tiger, the star of our special edition.

Montblanc Legend of Zodiacs – The Tiger Limited Edition 512 

When you look at the pen, an instant eye-catcher is the hand-engraved tiger decorating the cap made of Ag 925 sterling silver. Radiating strength and wisdom through its noble head markings, broad shoulders and lifted tail, the tiger is shown framed by pines as a symbol for long life. On the barrel, finely displayed, is a pattern of “lucky clouds” standing for luck and happiness. 

The cone is embellished with a blue sapphire – symbolising the birth – stone of the tiger sign. The year of the tiger, 2022, along with the six previous years of the tiger, are written on the cap ring, right below the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl placed on the finial. To complement the rose gold finish of the pen, the handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib comes in the same tone and is engraved with a tiger standing on the rock. Since 8 is considered the luckiest number Chinese culture, the special limitation number of the Legend of Zodiacs – The Tiger Limited Edition 512 is a celebration of the number 8, 512 being the sum total of 8x8x8. That would bring additional good fortune for the year ahead. 

To provide the user with a complete writing experience, Montblanc also launched a sophisticated red notebook made of Saffiano leather featuring the depiction of the tiger in gold on its cover as well as a red ink, colour that stands for luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

With a price tag of EUR 5’340, this marvelous edition is already sold out online but you can try your luck in the Montblanc boutiques.

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