Montegrappa Armonia Open Edition

As with any luxury industry, it is often hard to know where to begin, how to break in, and how to really understand the complexities of the hobby. This may be especially true with a product like fountain pens. Part of which is due to the price threshold for many to reach in order to properly invest into the hobby itself.

Luckily, we are in a time in which legacy brands are taking the initiative to not only make their products more accessible, but to also invite a wide variety of would-be fans into the fold. This is true of Montegrappa, who recently launched their Armonia line of pens. Offering a variety of modalities, the Armonia line is priced at a lower retail cost, allowing for a new generation of pen enthusiasts to get involved.

The beauty of the Armonia line is in its steadfast commitment to diluting the Montegrappa aesthetic to feel any “cheaper”, but instead to build a beautifully constructed pen that has all the design elements of a classic Montegrappa pen. By distilling the essence of Montegrappa into an affordable pen option, anyone can see the beauty that exists in this veteran pen brand.

The pen istelf is available in rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pen (which is equipped with a steel nib). The pens are all made from chromatic acrylics with various options in terms of style to choose from. Between five colorways (black, navy blue, neo moint, orange, and pink) to the duetto line, which features a pinstripe-etched steel barrel, there is truly something for everyone here.

So whether you’re a longtime collector or one who’s curious about the hobby, this is a pen for you. This collection is now available at and through retailers, with prices starting around €195.

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