Otto Hutt: Launch Of Scented Inks And 2 New designs06 In Summer Colors

There’s less than a day to go before Otto Hutt launches its new scented inks. As everyone expects, this will probably be one of the most exciting launches, especially for ink enthusiasts and collectors. In addition, the German will also launch two new design06 versions in summer colors – a one shot production available in limited quantity. 

Now that Otto Hutt has revealed all the inks they will be offering, I can share more details with you and a few personal opinions after which I move on to the new designs06. With 16 colours and 16 flavours, we are therefore talking about a full-fledged ink collection, a sign that the brand is interested in offering a truly unique writing experience to its users. Looking at the current selection of inks Otto Hutt carries, I can say that the diversity is not that great, but the launch of this new collection is clearly a huge step forward. 

I’d also mention the variety of scents: from floral (young rose), fruity (blackberry) to gourmand notes (dark chocolate), I’m sure everyone will relate with at least one of the inks. I think it’s important that the German brand had the majority of its users in mind when it designed this collection. 

Of all the inks that Otto Hutt will launch, I’m pretty curious to test out the Black Night (Dark Chocolate), Felis Margarita (Caramel), Roselle (Wildcherry) and Fulmination (Neroli).

Let’s move on to the two new design06 versions – olive green and orange – which, I would mention, will not complement the current design06 series but are part of a one shot production and will be available in limited quantity.

Inspired by current fashion colors of this summer, the new shades are a symbol of freedom and optimism and aim to take the users on a creative journey and stir up beautiful memories in them. While the orange version is reminiscent of a magical sunset by the sea, the olive green edition sets users in a holiday mood by bringing to mind the evergreen olive trees on the Mediterranean coast. 

Design-wise, both editions are built on a design06 chassis and will likely feature the standard nib options as well as the filling system. Pricing has not yet been made official, but we know there won’t be many pieces available. 

Stay tuned because tomorrow both the inks and the new design06 will be available to order on

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