Montegrappa Extra 1930 – an EXTRAordinary piece of history

There are writing instruments that are meant to write history. We already talked about the icons of this world such as the Montblanc Meisterstück 149, Namiki Yukari Royal, Sailor King of Pen or the Caran d’Ache Leman. And we think that in the same category of legendary models, we can add the Montegrappa Extra 1930.

Similar in size as the other mentioned models, the Montegrappa Extra 1930 is for sure the most colorful and multifaceted among the mentioned models. The less boring, some would say. Now, we don’t think the other models are boring, quite the opposite. But the Extra 1930 is like a Lamborghini among a lot of Porsches and Mercedes. Flashy, fresh and somehow unconventional, the Montegrappa flagship model is one of the most inspiring writing instruments ever. And since a couple of months, also available as a configurable model on Monntegrappa’s configurator.


Montegrappa’s range of models has changed quite frequently during their history. But the Extra 1930 has always been a constant in their lineup. Inspired by a model of over 80 years ago and pretty traditional in the shape, the Extra 1930 has been designed for customers that love “vintage-inspired” writing instruments. It traditionally comes in tree different materials, all celluloid: Turtle Brown, Bamboo Black and Black & White. But in the last years Red and Mediterranean Blue and here kicks in their unconventional approach. Very nice, from our point of view.

Functional and fancy

On the other side, the Montegrappa Extra 1930 is a very functional writing instrument. 138mm long and with a diameter of 16.6mm as well as with a weight of 44g, the Extra 1930 is extremely well balanced and functional. The 18ct solid gold nib ensures an extraordinary writing experience and the sterling silver trimmings all around the cap and the barrel are in fact quite interesting. Interesting because the trims, with the time, start to develop a beautiful patina. Particularly the silver medallion on the top of the cap will give to your pen the right level of singularity. The piston filling mechanism rounds up the whole experience.


And this model was predestinated to become one of the customizable pieces on the Montegrappa configurator. We have reported extensively about this innovative tool that we really like. Well on the Extra 1930 the possibilities of customization are almost limitless. Materials, colors and trims as well as nibs. Everything is possible on this model and the realized pieces are indeed breathtaking. Have a look at the Laurel, the Boudoir or the Genesis. All of them are unique and relevant. Have you already created your Extra 1930? Remember, among the iconic models mentioned above, it’s the only one you can make really uniquely yours.

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  1. Thanks for this post. While Meisterstuck is (too) often mentioned as refrence point, Extra 1930 is omitted. I love the cobalt version, but wonder if it catch scratches?

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