Montegrappa Introduces the New Skulls and Roses Limited Edition

Life is full of paradoxes. This is such a simple thought, but something many of us forget. But within that paradox, there is, of course, beauty. Somehow with any death, there is life and with any life, there is, inevitably, death. Hope and dread. Light and darkness. All of these opposites somehow are also complements to one another.

It was this philosophical thought which was the starting point for Montegrappa’s Skulls and Roses limited edition pen. 

The Skulls and Roses pen uses these two symbolic representations of life’s many contrasts to create a stunning pen with intricate detailing throughout. Using the Extra silhouette to create iconic imagery of the balance between vitality and mortality. What’s especially beautiful about this pen’s design is the full-body tattoo engraving across the entirety of the metal body. It gives it a bit of a badass look reminiscent of motorcycle culture with a hint of sophistication. 

The rest of the pen has fine detailing to make this very much a Montegrappa pen. The 18k gold nib has an engraved Memento mori symbol, which is a Latin phrase to remind us all that one day we will die. The 1930’s contour clip is bejeweled with a blood-red cubic zirconia. The tattoo-style engraving features intricate composites of skulls and thorns throughout the body of the pen.

Limited to 333 fountain pens (€3,350) and rollerballs (€2,850), this is a smaller run than many Montegrappa releases on the market and will surely be a gift pen for anyone who has a philosophical view of the world, or for those who have a gothic or punk lifestyle. 

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