Montegrappa Mia – The Reimagined Classic

There are moments when you need a splash of colour in your life, when you want to get rid of all the sober writing instruments you used to write with and simply switch to some vibrant patterns. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation at least once, then Montegrappa Mia might be what you are looking for… It’s iconic, colourful, and evokes such a bold character.

It is the classic form that makes this collection so emblematic. Therefore, if you are a fan of Montegrappa’s classics, you have probably noticed that Mia has a similar DNA to Miya that has already become a classic in Montegrappa’s track record. Even though these two are quite similar, there are some fine details that make the Montegrappa Mia an original collection. 

Five unique patterns create the Montegrappa Mia in such a colourful way – Spice Explosion, Meteor Showering, Adriatic Sea, Flaming Heart, and Very Peri. However, one can imagine each pattern in many other ways because there are no boundaries imagination can’t overcome.

Now, let’s move to the features and see what you get from this collection. In terms of shape, as we said above, it has the same silhouette as the Miya 450. Regarding its design, here we find some differences: the cap’s ring is engraved only with “Montegrappa” and has a polished finish with no decorations on it and is narrower than the one on Miya 450. 

The hardware components are made of stainless steel not of sterling silver but that’s something we understand if we consider the price. The nib is made of stainless steel and it’s engraved almost the same way the one in 14k gold is. On the cap’s finial there is a sterling silver coin displayed, finely adorned with the new Montegrappa logo. In antithesis to its simple features there are the textures and colourful mix of the montegrappite resin that instantly draw anyone’s attention.

Montegrappa Mia Flaming Heart

In terms of size, the pen is somewhere in between. It’s not a huge writer but it’s not a small one either. It measures 14cm capped which makes it a mid-sized pen. With a weight around 30g, the pen seems a bit lightweight. However, for some it might be just right, it depends on taste. For us, more important than weight, it’s the comfort provided when writing. Thanks to the slightly curved  shape, the pen fits very nice in the hand ensuring a comfortable writing experience. 

Montegrappa Mia is also available as ballpoint pen and comes with the same design features. Talking about the prices, for a fountain pen you’ll pay EUR 290 while for the ballpoint you’ll pay with EUR 40 less. That said, for this price, you get a rather large fountain pen with a fantastic design, a classical writing piece that can easily become as famous as other Montegrappa classics.

We’re wondering how many of you own a Mia, so let us know in the comments section down below…

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