Sailor VEILIO 2nd edition Comes In Two Gorgeous Shades

Elegance, craftsmanship, and innovation converge in Sailor Pen’s latest creation, the VEILIO Fountain Pen series. This exquisite series draws inspiration from the interplay of a “veil” with vibrant “ILO,” the Japanese word for color. With fluid marble patterns meandering through clear acrylic barrels, these pens evoke the illusion of a cascading bridal veil, mysteriously shrouding the pen’s “face” in an alluring dance of colors and shapes. The transparency of the body allows enthusiasts to appreciate VEILIO’s captivating design, both inside and out.

A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

The VEILIO Fountain Pen series is the second edition of this remarkable line, and it continues to push the boundaries of craftsmanship. The pens feature glossy, flawlessly smooth transparent bodies where fluid marble patterns flow, revealing tantalizing glimpses of ink and the internal components, including the unique VEILIO colored converter. While traditional pen-making techniques involve shaping and polishing the outer surfaces of barrels and caps with a lathe, Sailor Pen has taken it a step further. They’ve developed a special lathe blade exclusively for the VEILIO series, allowing for the meticulous polishing of the inner surfaces of these transparent pens. The result? A finish that is impeccably flawless, both inside and out.

The Artistry of the Nib

One of the standout features of the VEILIO series is its 21K gold nib. Unlike the commonly used 14K and 18K gold nibs in most fountain pens, the 21K gold nib offers enhanced flexibility. Even under heavy writing pressure, the nib’s slit remains sealed, preventing ink from drying out. This unique nib ensures a consistently stable ink flow, providing the writer with unparalleled comfort known as the “feather’s touch.” The VEILIO series goes the extra mile by offering a range of 7 nib grades, allowing writers to choose the perfect stroke style to suit their individual preferences.

Transparency and Consistency

Both the cap and barrel of VEILIO fountain pens are constructed from transparent materials. These materials, adorned with fluid marble patterns, offer captivating glimpses of the inner workings of these masterfully crafted pens. What sets VEILIO apart is its commitment to consistency and aesthetics. These fountain pens come with special converters designed to match the body colors, ensuring a stylish and harmonious look throughout the pen.

Sailor Pen’s VEILIO Fountain Pen series is a testament to the brand’s dedication to artistry, innovation, and attention to detail. With its fluid marble patterns, transparent body, and 21K gold nib, VEILIO fountain pens are not just writing instruments; they are works of art that offer an unparalleled writing experience. The fusion of tradition and innovation in this series showcases Sailor Pen’s commitment to crafting exceptional pens that capture the imagination of pen enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

For more details about this edition contact your local authorised retailers or Sailor directly at [email protected]

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  1. Gihan Zohdy

    I swear by Sailor nibs, they are a dream and write flawlessly and with a feathery touch.

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