Montegrappa Smiley & André – an edition that is sure to put a smile on your face

Already extremely popular, Smiley, the global symbol of happiness, is being honoured by talented creators in various fields who not only keep it alive but give it more and more personality each time. This year, however, there is all the more reason to celebrate the symbol, as it is 50 years since its first debut. 

In fact, the Smiley was first used in a French newspaper, marking the good news of the day. This made it easier for readers to filter the news and read only the positive ones if they preferred. Today, fifty years later, the symbol continues to serve as a beacon of hope and positivity encouraging people to take the time to smile. 

Among others, Montegrappa also pays homage to the Smiley icon as well as to the French artist André and they do it as they know best launching a special anniversary edition that we’ll be discovering below.

At first glance, it looks like Montegrappa used their Signature ZERO silhouette to bring this special edition to life and adorned it in the most cheerful way, really. On the barrel, ready to remind you whenever you hold the pen in your hand to “Take the Time to Smile”, is the original Smiley Slogan reimagined in enamel-filled graffiti. Then, on the cap’s finial you will notice a spray-painted anniversary icon, a very specific detail for the French artist, so famous for his graffiti art.

On the spring clip there is a fine Smiley & Andre laser engraving while the 14k gold nib is customised with the iconic Smiley. If you are looking for happy days and want such a companion by your side, you should know that for each model (fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen) there are only 365 pieces available worldwide. 

Fountain Pen enthusiasts should get ready, in addition to the pen, Montegrappa also offers a special edition ink bottle.


Fountain Pen: EUR 950
Rollerball Pen: EUR 650
Ballpoint Pen: EUR 550

Whether you want to purchase the fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint pen, you can find them on Montegrappa’s website or at any authorised retailer.

Fountain Pen specifications:
Material: IP palladium stainless steel and acrylic
Nib: 14k gold with Smiley engraving
Ink delivery: Cartridge/Converter
Nib sizes: EF, F, M, B, Stub 1,1
Length: 143 mm
Weight: 32g

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