Otto Hutt Design04 – Technical sohpistication in a classic shape

It seems that german manufacturers really know how to master the art of creating high-quality writing instruments because today the focus will be on Otto Hutt, a manufacturer based in Pforzheim – the golden city of Germany. With a subtle yet distinctive air, design04 is one of my favorite lines. 

The brand was founded by Karl Hutt in 1920, then successfully run by his son Otto whose name the manufacturer still carries. Today, the brand is recognized worldwide for their craftsmanship and technical precision which they put in each of their products. Otto Hutt caught my attention with their surprisingly nice designs, high-quality and very functional writing instruments.

Design04 embodies pure elegance and it comes in a generous range of different design patterns, colours and finishes as well as different metals and prices so you can choose the best writing instrument according to your tastes and also your budget. Let’s discover some variations of „design04” line…

Black uni & Snow-white uni

The Black uni and Snow-white is about timeless elegance in my opinion. These two versions have such a classy and shiny appearance due to the fact that the barrels are coated with several layers of colour and polishing lacquer and then polished by hand. The cap and clip are both platinum plated and you can choose between a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil.

Black check & Snow white check

These models come with a barrel made of solid brass displaying a guilloche design in a checkered pattern. The barrel is then lacquered in several color coats with a final velvet in a matte finish. The same platinum plated technique is applied to the cap and clip components.


Another interesting design of the line is called „Scribble” and comes with a story that symbolizes Otto Hutt’s homage to the world’s notebook artists due to the lines which are printed onto the coated barrels individually. After that, the barrel follows the same process of hand polishing.

Wave blue, black & white

Very unique design and incredible work of art. This is how I would describe the finish of these models. To create this unique pattern Otto Hutt has applyed a multilayered coating which serves as a primer for the subsequent guilloche. After that three-dimensional lines are engraved into the color lacquer varying in depth.

Striped guilloché & Princess Cut

The last two models of the „design 04” line that I want to mention are two pieces of jewelry. The barrels and caps are made of solid sterling silver while components are platinized. The Striped Guilloche model has a simple yet refined pattern and is cut twice while the Princess Cut model is intersected by a total of eighty individual lines.

Let’s take a look now at the features of Otto Hutt design04 in wave black, for example. In terms of measurements and specifications, this specific model has a length of 12,3 cm when closed and 13,2 cm when the cap is posted. With a diameter of 12 mm and a weight of 39 g, the fountain pen overall is well balanced and due to its compact dimensions, the fountain pen ensures remarkable handling.

The nib is available in 4 widths EF, F, M and you can choose between a stainless steel nib or an 18kt gold bi-color or PVD coated nib. The cap’s finial is engraved with the Otto Hutt logo and the cap also contains a 6-digit numerical code engraved along with the word GERMANY written above. The fountain pen can be inked using standard international short or long cartridges. It can also be filled with ink using the converter that is included in each Otto Hutt fountain pen box.

To conclude, the entire design04 line is a fascination. You can choose between a wide range of models, patterns, colors and materials and you get an unique writing instrument crafted from the highest quality materials which evoke refinement and tradition of more than 100 years.

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