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Otto Hutt design04 Wave Pattern – Subtle yet distinctive guilloché

As you may know, we’ve discussed Otto Hutt’s design04 collection in one of our articles, one month ago if I remember right, but it was more like a short presentation of the entire collection. Today, we’re going to discover some particular models, part of the same line, displaying beautiful wave motifs along the barrel while combining some interesting color nuances.

Before we dive into the subject, I would like to kindly ask you what comes into your mind when you see a writing instrument for the first time. Personally, I like to go beyond its design, diving deeper into details, trying to understand what was the inspiration behind it because, at the end of the day, it’s not so much about the writing instrument itself, but more about the story and the inspiration behind it… 

In the following, I’ll show you some images that I’ve chosen which have a similar color scheme and pattern to the writing instruments I’m going to talk about. I think that comparing them is such an inspiring idea to see things in life.

Design 04 Wave White, Black and Blue

Even if we’re dealing with an Otto Hutt classic design, I feel like these models also evoke a subtle touch of modernity due to their waving pattern. In terms of design, you can clearly see that every single model was made with german precision. From the bottom to the top, everything is shining and looks well-built. Talking about the fountain pen, it has a solid construction but in a really good way and it feels nice in your hand. The hardware components are palladium plated and there is a three-dimensional guilloche displayed along the barrel, made with waves of varying depth that comes to complement the overall look of the fountain pen.

There are also fine details engraved on the cap like the unique serial number of each pen along with the Otto Hutt logo on the cap’s finial. Regarding the filling mechanism, the fountain pen accepts both cartridges and a converter to fill up the pen. Since each fountain pen comes with a converter, I like to use it better instead of cartridges because the color options available in ink bottles are more diversified and cool.

Now, our common area of interest, the nibs. You can choose between a stainless steel nib or you can go for a superior experience of writing with the 18kt gold nib. Both glide very smoothly across the paper and even though the stainless steel one is a little stiffer compared to the 18kt gold one, it performs excellently. Of course, each nib is available in four widths: extra-fine, fine, medium and broad to meet everyone’s tastes.

Whether you choose the blue color model to set yourself apart or simply want to keep it classy with slightly more moderate colors like white and black, you’ll get a trustworthy companion during your daily writing sessions. I think it’s always about tastes, but I like more the unconventional patterns and colors. Let’s take a look, for instance, at the Wave Blue model. I’m fascinated by this intense Yves Klein kind of blue color displayed on the lacquered body of the fountain pen. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and soothing, taking you right into the mood for writing…

For each color, there are five writing instruments to choose from: two fountain pens with different nib options (one featuring a stainless-steel nib and the other one equipped with an 18kt gold nib), a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil.

Fountain pen – 18kt gold nib:
EUR 335
Fountain pen – stainless-steel nib: EUR 220
Rollerball pen: EUR 189
Ballpoint pen: EUR 158
Mechanical pencil: EUR 158

Design 04 Wave Black & White Rose Gold

These are without any doubt the most unique and sophisticated finishes of the wave line. The hardware components of these models are coated with high-quality rose gold while the wave guilloche on the barrel is made in rose gold tones. Talking about technical details, you’ll get the same specifications that are found on the other wave models. As above, for each finish, there are five writing instruments available: two fountain pens – stainless-steel nib and 18kt gold nib, a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil.

Fountain pen – 18kt gold nib:
EUR 350
Fountain pen – stainless-steel nib: EUR 236
Rollerball pen: EUR 204
Ballpoint pen: EUR 179
Mechanical pencil: EUR 179

Beyond the fantastic design, great functionality and quality craftsmanship, Otto Hutt creates sustainable writing instruments adapting the classical shapes to the modern requirements to achieve the most unique pieces one can write with.

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  1. Thank to Inkstable I discovered Otto Hutt and it won my heart. I like it’s industrial look and Bauhaus inspirations. Before I thought that only such a modernist design offers Lamy (as far as German fountain pens are considered).

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