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Visconti Cage Collection – Marta Sansoni’s Masterpiece

Very well known for her collaboration with Alessi, Marta Sansoni is one of the most acclaimed designers of the moment. Architect and Designer, Marta Sansoni is very appreciated in Italy and abroad and has created this incredibly sophisticated collection for the Florentine Manufacturer Visconti. One of the most sinuous creations I have ever seen.

Admittendly, the name of the collection wasn’t probably very hard to find. Cage is for sure the most appropriate one. The Cage is a collection with an innovative design that blends the world of writing with the one of jewellery. This 50-piece limited edition can only be purchased on our eshop and at our Florence flagship store. 

Available in a bright and a dark finish, the Cage is available as a Fountain Pen as well as a roller ball. 

“I wanted to create an object that goes beyond mere functionality. Its sinuous shapes and shining metals give life to a writing jewel.” is quoted Marta Sansoni. 

And we couldn’t agree more with her. The Cage represents an interesting way of interpreting the barrel of a writing instrument. Its grid-like appearance draws the eye in towards tantalising glimpses of gold, within the pen and is normally reserved to very high end writing instruments. The textured body recalls a couple of Alessi Products such as the “Cactus”, also designed by Sansoni. All in all, a very nice piece that in fact has captured our attention and is one of the few pieces in the writing instrument industry that has a very feminine touch and might be the next gift for your beloved one.

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