Otto Hutt Introduces The New design07 and design08

This year has been a fantastic year for Otto Hutt, which has released some incredible editions including design01 in a beautiful sage green shade, design04 in 4 new matte shades and design07 in a fine corn guilloche pattern. However, the German brand has prepared a few more gems to be launched on October 1st – design07 Allblack and design08 in Gold and Black will round off this year’s launches. Let’s discover them below!

design07 Allblack

Otto Hutt’s flagship pen has always been prized among enthusiasts and collectors for its well-balanced weight, outstanding writing performance and elegant design. Personally, I found the original silver shade quite charming, but I have to admit that the new all-black matte finish is breathtaking. It looks elegant and mysterious at the same time and I think it will easily find its place in many scenarios, from casual to the most formal. 

The matte surface not only looks fantastic, but also feels pleasant to the touch providing a velvety feel to the user that enhances the writing experience. Since no pattern would have been a better fit in this color scheme, Otto Hutt retained the fine thread guilloche for this version. 

To achieve an all-black look, both the hardware components and the nib underwent a PVD procedure to be coated with a water-thin black layer, as seen on the other Allblack versions.

There have been no changes in terms of features, as each pen comes equipped with the same 18k gold nib in XL format. However, I would mention that this model is no longer made of Sterling Silver like the original, but that’s not necessarily a drawback.

The new version will also be available as rollerball pen and ballpoint pen from October 1st.

design08 in Radiant Gold & Captivating Black

A series made famous by Star Designer Mark Braun comes now in gold and black to the delight of those who like to stand out in the crowd. Retaining the same minimalist proportions, both versions set new luxury standards with their bold appearances.

Incredibly sophisticated, the gilded edition is definitely an eye-catcher and I love its sumptuous character. At the opposite pole, although much more austere, the black model is just as spectacular and I’m pretty sure it will win over many aesthetic lovers.

Each edition will soon be available on and at authorised retailers. For more information, contact Otto Hutt or your local vendors.

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