Taccia Miyabi Empress Winter Breath

Taccia has made a name for itself in the pen world as an exceptional brand that produces exceptional instruments. The detail in the Taccia Miyabi Empress Winter Breath is no exception. With its intricate design, its detailed finishes, and its considered symbolism within the design of the pen itself.

The Empress Winter Breath is a pen that’s at the pinnacle of conscious understanding of the roots of the brand. This flagship design hosts techniques to create the gorgeous finishings of this pen. There are Maki-e, Raden, and Rankuku finishes along the ebonite barrel.

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If you are unfamiliar with Raden and Rankaku, you are not alone. While their presence on the pen is noticeable, the technique itself may be a mystery. Raden is a Japanese decorative technique used for lacquerware and woodenware, in which linings of mother-of-pearl or of abalone shells are cut into designs and either glued onto or inserted into the surface of the lacquer.

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Rankuku, on the other hand, uses the interior of an eggshell in a lacquering technique to create a mosaic on the barrel of the pen. These techniques give it a unique profile that is truly a celebration of the artisan crafts of Japan.

Because of the bespoke nature of this pen, it’s in a limited quantity of only 288. The pen is available in only Broad and Medium 18-karat gold “King of Pens” Sailor  nibs. Each pen comes individually numbered and is packaged in a wooden gift box with a cloth pen wrap. The pen in all its glory is retaining with an MSRP of $3,395.

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