Pelikan Ink of the Year 2022 – Edelstein Apatite

We all know that pens play an important role in the act of writing, but just as powerful cars need quality fuel, so pens need quality ink to perform well on paper. But the quality of an ink is not everything, sometimes its colour and shades matter most, don’t you think? The market is quite diverse when it comes to ink, but there will always be new shades to explore. 

Today we take a look at Ink of the Year 2022, a beauty in shades of blue-turquoise, as Pelikan describes Apatite, the latest ink in the Edelstein line. Before we analyse the ink, let’s briefly discover what Apatite is. Often found in shades of green, yellow, blue, purple, pink or brown, Apatite is a phosphate mineral which was first discovered in 1786 by the German geologist A.G. Werner. 

At first glance, the blue-green shade of this ink is pretty cool and it reminds us a bit of Edelstein Aquamarine. However the Apatite comes in a slightly darker shade, but we are very curious how it will look on paper in order to draw a conclusion about its resemblance to Aquamarine.

In terms of design and quantity, Pelikan did not change either the elegant look of the ink bottle or the 50 ml quantity, but we can notice the silver cap of this bottle, unlike the other editions, which had a black cap. This might lead us to think that we are dealing with a shimmering ink as was the Edelstein Golden Beryl from 2021, but this is only a presumption as we have no official information from the manufacturer on this issue.

The ink is expected to be launched around March 2022 and just the thought of having a new ink shade makes us very excited. Probably, like you, we are curious how it will perform on paper. Will it be spectacular, what do you think?

Let us know in the comments if the Edelstein Apatite is on your radar or if you’ve already planned to buy other shades in 2022.

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