Ignite Your Inner Adventurer with Montegrappa Age of Discovery

In a period where the global economy flowed on the backbone of the spice trade, the world began to expand in the imaginations of the kingdoms of Europe. It was this vast wealth and unimaginable courage that a few explorers were able to redefine the boundaries of the continents. Magellan was one such man.

500 years ago, Magellan began a sea voyage that would eventually lead to his recognition as the first person to circumvent the globe. While most Euro-Asian spice trading when East, Magellan convinced the Spanish monarchy to allow his crew to, instead, go West. In doing so, Magellan reached Asian by way of the Pacific Ocean and forged a new path for generations.

This feat alone gives Magellan a place within our collective conscious as a heroic figure. And, because of this, who better to represent Montegrappa’s Age of Discovery?

This pen is unlike any other on the market and an example of the imagination that still exists in the pen market today. Inspired by the explorers of the past, the Age of Discovery pen is a marriage of imagination and adventure that has become a favorite of many collectors in 2021.

The design is markedly original, first and foremost. Crafted as a nod to a spyglass, the telescopic movement of the barrel is actually the filling mechanism of the pen, implementing a Power-Push design that, as Montegrappa attests, “makes drawing ink more incisive – and intoxicating – than ever.” Further to the design, the piece itself is made from source materials of mahogany and brass, which will age naturally and give an additional degree of maritime aesthetic that will become a handsome edition to your desk.

The pen is full of clever surprises that tie back to sea travel. The top of the pen holds a concealed compass, which was developed in collaboration with engineers at Politecnico di Milano, and marks the first wayfinding complication to ever feature on a Montegrappa writing instrument. The clip itself is a miniature replica of a sextant, a nautical instrument for determining the angle between the horizon and a celestial body when seafaring.

And perhaps most impressive of all is the presentation of this pen itself. The Age of Discovery comes in a beautiful wooden packaging with a vision of the starry sky on the interior. 

The world now might be more connected than ever before, but it was people like Magellan who imagined a world they had never seen before – and made it happen. Montegrappa’s Age of Discovery celebrates his ingenuity in a thoughtfully design pen that will, hopefully, inspire you to do something great, too.

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  1. David Rubiales

    A note regarding historical accuracy: Magellan did not circumnvavigate the globe as he was killed in the Phillipines in April of 1521. After uncertainty in leadership the expedition – what was left of it – was completed by Juan Sebastian Elcano and the remaining crew in September of 1522. Elcano’s accomplishment was recognized by Charles I of Castille and he is thus known in Spain as the first person, along with his crew, to circumnavigate the earth. The Portuguese tout Magellan for this feat because he was a native son, but the country’s claim for him is inaccurate.

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