Pelikan Souverän M1000 Raden Red Infinity – The Next Collector’s Favourite

Pen collectors have yet another reason to rejoice, as Pelikan has announced a new limited edition that carries the Raden legacy forward. Following the Raden Green Ray and White Ray, another major player has joined the Raden series – the new Souverän M1000 Raden Red Infinity.

The thing with Raden pens is that you don’t fully appreciate their ravishing beauty until you hold them in your hand. Having had the opportunity to see the M1000 Raden White Ray edition up close, I realised how beautifully it shines in the light and how much work goes into this elaborate Japanese technique.

The latest Raden Red Infinity showcases a distinct and unconventional design that sets it apart from the previous editions. Built on the mighty M1000 chassis, it harmoniously combines Urushi red lacquer with rectangular stripes crafted from precious green mother-of-pearl shell. Before each strip of shell is set on the pen, Japanese craftsmen apply a coat of Urushi red lacquer onto which silver powder is sprinkled, creating a beautiful effect whenever the pen is turned in the hand. 

Made with particles of the precious green mother-of-pearl shell, no rectangular strip is alike making the edition truly unique. The stripes are then fixed to the barrel and cap by an additional layer of lacquer.

An 18k gold M-size nib crowns each of the 400 individually signed and numbered copies available worldwide. Such a masterpiece could not have been displayed in any other way than in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood. 

Pricing for the new Souveran M1000 Raden Red Infinity has not yet been announced, but the edition will be available from June 2023.

Looking at how popular previous Raden editions have been, I expect this model to be just as coveted, in fact, I think it will be the new collector’s favourite.

Who’s looking forward to adding it to the collection?

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