Samuel Naldi Reviews The New Otto Hutt Scented Inks on Youtube

As you’ve already noticed, the new Otto Hutt scented inks are available on the German brand’s website. If you’re into inks, chances are your order is already on its way, but for those of you who haven’t decided whether or not to buy these inks for whatever reason, Samuel Naldi has reviewed them all in his latest video on his YouTube channel.

From my personal experience, I’ve learned not to buy inks before I see what they look like on paper. That was after I blindly bought a Cartier ink in bordeaux from which I had different expectations in terms of colour. However the spectacular design of the bottle made me forget about that issue, though, I no longer buy inks without knowing how they perform on paper. That said, click here to watch Samuel’s review and discover the new Otto Hutt scented inks.

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