Platinum’s UEF Nib: Finer Than Fine

As we know by now, a Japanese nib tends to be finer than their European cousins, as a general rule. In fact, Japanese nibs can offer a surprisingly varied finer point that can have a varied personality to it, depending on the manufacturer. 

Take, for instance, the UEF nib from Platinum. From the initials alone, one can gather that this nib is an “ultra-extra fine”, honed to an imperceptibly fine point. While this may be a bit of a turn-off for some fans of a broader nib, there are definitely some merits to a pen this fine.

Photo credit: Writing Delight

For one, it’s impressive from solely a manufacturing perspective to see Platinum produce such a consistent nib that’s so fine, yet remains fairly wet when writing. From what I can tell in conversation with nibmeisters, a finer point, given the lack of real estate on the nib, can be hard to grind to a superfine point. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the mass manufacturing of Platinum and, in fact, is one of the trademarks of the brand: producing high quality continuously and consistently.

Photo credit: UK fountain pens

Further, the UEF is so superfine that it works stunningly well for a day planner or smaller notebook. I’m particularly fond of the Hobonichi Techo at this time and, being an A6 size with a small grid, an UEF nib would be perfect. Plus, the minimal amount of ink flow would be great to avoid additional leaking through the page. I’m sure, as others know, this can be an issue for the following day when using a Techo planner.

Finally, and in the spirit of Halloween, such an ultra-fine nib easily doubles as a weapon. We’re kidding of course, but it is very sharp!

Photo credit: Scribble Jot

All in all, the Platinum UEF nib is one of the finest on the market that hasn’t been produced or altered by a nibmeister. It’s an incredibly sturdy nib that has a consistent ink flow and, while a bit scratchy, that’s to be expected from a point such as this one. I recommend a wetter ink to keep the flow going and a paper that can withstand a bit of scratch as any pressure on this nib may cause a bit of tearing. Overall, it’s a nib that should be in your artillery for everyday notetaking and planning. I know it’ll be a perennial favorite in mine.

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