5 Cool Ways To Carry Your Favorite Pen

Many people are hesitating to buy a pen over a certain price range because they are afraid that they will lose it or misplace it somewhere. I have heard this over and over again… “I will lose it anyway!”. Well, let me give you some hints on how to carry your beloved pen in 5 different ways for 5 different situations.

Let’s start by saying that everyone will have a different perception of the relationship she or he has with a writing instrument. I use a pen every day, preferably a fountain pen as you would imagine, and therefore, I came up with ways to carry a pen even to the beach. But this is a story for another day. More important is, that you will be happy to have the right writing instrument for the right situation. And here is how you make sure this happens.

the obvious

The first accessory many people will buy as soon as they buy or receive their first precious writing instrument, is a leather pouch. In different styles, materials and colors, many of these pouches have been inspired by cigar pouches and a couple of those may be used instead. You will find some very elegant ones from the pen manufacturer themselves but also from leather goods manufacturer such as Hermès. You may choose between so called soft pouches and items with a stiffer structure. Interesting thing with the pouches, you may customize them with a design or your monogram. Very stylish and they are for sure an eye catcher as soon as you will take it out of your briefcase in the next meeting.

the hidden (not always)

courtesy of @the.scribe.co

Another way to carry your pens is of course the inner pocket of your suit jacket. This is evidentially the most discrete way to carry your pens even though, recently, a cool trend came up when some creative guys started to carry their pens in the breast pocket of their jacket showing it to the world as they would do with a nice E. Marinella pocket square. Beautiful way to show to the world your appreciation for writing instruments but be careful when you take it out of the pocket, it might be cold.

the conservative

Personally, I often carry my pens directly in the briefcase. Since I use almost exclusively fountain pens, I also had some bad experience with the ink in the pocket of my jacket or, even worse, the pocket of my shirt. Honestly, I have to admit that even if it happened only a couple of times, these were the situation where the most interesting conversations about writing instruments came up. Since people are often fascinated by the fact that some chaps are still using ink. So don’t worry too much about stained hands but carrying your pens in the briefcase avoids ink patches on your clothes.

the practical

courtesy of Leuchtturm 1774

A topic that we will treat later toward end of the year will be the right notebook with the right paper. Very interesting and, from my point of view, underestimated point. However, a very practical way to carry your pen is close to your notebook in a so called pen loop, like the one manufactured by Leuchtturm. An elastic band attached to the notebook that secures your pen from falling and keeps it close to where it is needed. Very handy and for sure one of the most secure ways to transport a writing instrument.

the fancy

In reality, we would be done with the ways to carry your pens. But… we have seen a fifth way that is the way you may choose as an alternative in every moment and situation of your life. We call it: #naldistyle! Don’t worry if you can’t associate anything with it. It really is an insider but I thought, I have to bring it up in this list. Inspired by our fellow guest author Samuel, we don’t really know if there is an inventor of this way of carrying a pen. Probably not. But in our group of aficionados we started to call it this way and it stayed this way. Basically all you do is, put your ben between the buttons of your shirt or polo and you keep it “close to your heart” in order to take it out whenever you need it. To fill a form, sign a card or simply make a sketch on your book. Very handy and, believe me, many people will ask you what you are carrying under your chin. And you will be able to tell them your story.

courtesy of @samuelnaldi

Have you seen any other good way to carry your writing instrument? Let us know how in the comments or on Instagram. We look forward to your inputs.

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