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Top 5 Cartier Pens to Make a Statement

Cartier has always been synonymous with luxury. Since its inception in 1847 in France, the jewelry house has grown to be a worldwide symbol of style, elegance, and grandeur. While this is true of their jewelry collection, it’s equally true of their desk accessories and writing utensils.

A Cartier pen is designed to stand out. Creating a vision of truly exceptional design, Cartier is, in some ways, an anachronism of design: mixing old world charm and eschewing the fast-paced fashion of today.

With that, we have picked 5 pens to celebrate the beauty and integrity of Cariter’s design philosophy. Here are our favorites.

Santos de Cartier Ballpoint Pen 

A slim pen that’s as elegant as it gets. A ballpoint is the perfect option for a pen of this size and price point, making it a great desk pen or gift. What I particularly like about this Santos is the small detailing that’s reminiscent of details found in Cartier’s jewelry, including the use of small screws like their Love bracelet.

Santos-Dumont Rollerball pen

I’m quite fond of a black pen for its elegance and simplicity. Here, we have a rollerball in a black composite with a rose gold finish to it. The pen, when capped, has an elegant design with the cap topped in blue resin cabochon. Uncapped, it posts handsomely against the black body but is slightly large for constant use. Either way, it’s a pen to cherish. Find out more about Cartier Santos-Dumont here.

Santos de Cartier Rollerball Pen

Like the Santos mentioned above, the design is perfectly attributed to the clean lines and design philosophy of the French brand. The rollerball feels more fitting in gold for this model, with a gold-finished metal body and gadroon detailing. A larger pen when posted, this is a formative pen that balances elegance and style seamlessly. Order your Santos de Cartie here.

R de Cartier Fountain Pen

Sumptuously designed, this fountain pen has all the markings of a Cartier product: rich colors, sleek design, and a subtle presence. The black composite body and gold finishes are slightly elevated on this fountain pen than others in a similar price bracket, enhanced by the blue resin cabochon, like the Santos-Dumont above. The nib on this pen is 18-karat, giving a light and buttery writing experience expected from a gold nib. Click here for more details

Fountain Pen with Dragon Motif

With only 8 of these pens made and priced the same as a Range Rover, this pen is a masterpiece in craftsmanship and design. The body is made from solid 18-karat gold with black and red lacquering. The star of this pen is, of course, the yellow gold dragon that sits atop the cap, embellished with 475 diamonds and 6 emeralds. A true museum-quality piece, while it may not be for everyone, it’s hard to deny the beauty of such a pen.

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