Reasons Why You Should Attend Pen Shows

Thanks to all the technological advances, nowadays we are able to search, compare, review and buy pens and stationery within seconds. And I have a feeling we all appreciated this blessing more than ever during the Covid pandemic when in-person attendance at boutiques or Pen Shows were almost unthinkable. Today, however, the situation has relaxed, boutiques around the world have opened their doors wide to enthusiasts and collectors alike, and Pen Shows are finally back in business.

Speaking of Pen Shows, have you ever attended one?

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If so, you’re probably familiar with the magical vibe there. If not, I’m afraid you’re missing out on so many interesting things. From testing out different pens to engaging in cool conversations with industry enthusiasts or collectors, even experts, today I’m going to share with you a few reasons why I think you should attend such an event.

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The first reason I should begin with is definitely the vibe. You’ll most likely to find yourself in the most beautiful place on Earth, in case you have a fondness for pens, otherwise you might find the whole experience pretty boring. Jokes aside, you’ll have a great time as everyone around you will be talking about pens, inks, notebooks, etc.

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Secondly, it’s a fantastic occasion to meet representatives of your favourite brands, if not the owners. You’ll be able to ask them questions and chat with them on various topics around pens. And if you ever feel like you’ve been talking too much about pens, step outside, take a breath, and come back inside because, you can never talk too much about pens.

As many brands have launched their collections at the beginning of the year, rest assured that they will parade some, if not all of them at such shows. You’ll be able to explore them, even touch them, and eventually end up buying a good amount of them. It’s hard to resist temptation, I warn you.

Besides the brands, there will be various vendors bringing many of the pens they usually sell in their boutiques. Card payments should work just as well, but cash is better. How much? Well, no matter how much you have on you, it’s never enough when there are so many jewels around…

Photo credit: Dutch Pen Show

Not to mention that there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending time with like-minded people who will undoubtedly become your friends. You’d be surprised, but the Pen Community is as great as the Watch Community.

Photo credit: No Pen Intended | captured at Washington DC Supershow

As for the upcoming Pen Shows, the first one you can attend is the Dutch Pen Show, which takes place on 12 June in Utrecht, Netherlands. Besides the other brands and vendors that will attend, I noticed that Otto Hutt also announced its presence at the show via social media. Then if you’re from UK you cannot miss the Birmingham Pen Show on June 26. And the grandest pen show in the world as planners claim, the Washington DC Supershow – Aug 4 – Aug 7. For the full calendar of events I kindly invite you to have a look here.

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