The Caran d’Ache Varius Rainbow is a Kaleidoscope of Beauty

The latest addition to the Varius line from Swiss company Caran D’Ache combines legacy, modernity, and artistic expression into one pen. The Varius Rainbow captures the essence of the brand identity through a spectrum of color against a silver-plated rhodium barrel.

The inspiration behind this pen is the color wheel, an essential part of art and, by extension, pen making. In the toolbox of Caran D’Ache, the color wheel has most likely been put to great use and here it has the ability to shine.

The technical precision of this pen and its overall simplicity makes it well worth its price tag. The barrel features a watchmaker’s corona-effect with a faceted cylinder, in which each pointed tip has a lacquered color that’s from the Caran color wheel, really marking – and solidifying – the importance of vibrant colors and complementary design at the core of the brand.

The complementary colorways and an almost Art Deco approach to design can be seen in the gift box as well, which features a kaleidoscopic backdrop for the pen when opened. It’s a small feature but one that shows the diligence in Caran D’Ache’s desire to make every touchpoint just right.

The pen is available in Fountain Pen (€ 2,100), Roller Ball (€ 1,800), and Ballpoint (€ 1,500) and can easily be a gift pen or treasured keepsake for the artist, businessman, or significant other in your life. The Fountain Pen features a piston ink pump and a rhodium-coated 18-carat gold nib (with Medium being the default option). 

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