Rumors About The New design04

Whenever a brand works to expand its current series, it shows me that it takes its customers’ demands seriously. And now, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like more variety?

After the launch of the two summer-inspired design06 versions, rumour has it that German brand Otto Hutt will soon announce a new addition to the classic design04 series. Unlike the two design06 – part of a one-shot production, the upcoming design04 will complete the permanent collection. 

Although nothing has been announced yet, I’m looking forward to official news from the German brand. In the meantime, you can take a look at the website for the two design06 Olive Green and Orange Gold versions that have become available to order. 

Another point worth noting is that deliveries for the new scented inks have been delayed for now due to high demand, as a note on the website states “Due to the overwhelming number of orders, deliveries will resume on June 9, 2023.” While you can still order the inks, you should have a little patience with your delivery.

As for the new design04 we all expect, stay tuned to be the first to know about it as soon as it is released.

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