Sailor Introduces The New King of Pens ‘Nihon Ookami to Gekkou’ – An Homage To The Great Spirit Of The Japanese Wolf

Last year, Sailor introduced a new series of Maki-e fountain pens entitled ‘Dobutsu to Gekkou’ or ‘Animals in the Moonlight’. Showcasing incredibly fine, hand-painted details, the series debuted with Deer in the Moonlight, a limited edition of only fifty copies worldwide. To the delight of collectors, the series has recently been joined by a new edition. Let’s discover it below!

If the previous edition depicted a deer standing tall in the moonlit forest, this year’s collection is inspired by the Japanese wolf whose great spirit still roams the Honshu forests. Even though today this species is extinct, the wolf has long been regarded in Japanese culture as a benevolent creature. According to Shinto, the wolves were messengers of the Gods and were often associated with powerful mountain spirits. Besides their role of protectors, wolves were said to guide those lost in mountains or deep forests. Therefore, to honour this great creature, many shrines built in Japan refer to the Japanese wolf and many mountain villages are named after it.

Photo credit: Donny Kimball

Limited to only 50 copies worldwide, the “Nihon Ookami to Gekkou”, Japanese Wolf in the Moonlight is made by Maki-e artist Ikki Moroike. Hand-painted and decorated in the traditional maki-e technique, each pen depicts astonishing details of a lone wolf howling at the moon. A keen eye will notice the intricate illustrations on the pen, which took hundreds of hours to be painted, thus the limited number of copies. 

The pen comes in a timeless cigar-shaped King of Pens size and features the impressive 21k gold nib adorned with the new Sailor logo and available in medium and broad sizes. The pen is offered with a proprietary Sailor converter, a proprietary Sailor ink cartridge, a bottle of ink and a cleaning cloth to give the pen a lustre from time to time. 

The new King of Pens ‘Nihon Ookami to Gekkou’ is available exclusively at authorised Sailor dealers. For more information, get in contact with Sailor directly via [email protected]

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