Introducing Montegrappa Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: Ocean Collection

His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II, may be best remembered as the sovereign of the principality of Monaco or as the only son of Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the legacy of this Prince.

Founded in 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has been supporting environmental initiatives. Using the sovereign’s vast resources and influence, there has been a marked degree of impact through Albert’s charitable activities including saving the bluefin tuna from extinction and supporting local businesses and people in the Mediterranean area affected by climate change.

It is this dedication to the resources that abound in the Riviera region of France that has inspired many to follow in the Prince’s footsteps. 

Now, you can participate in raising funds for this organization by buying one of the limited edition pens from Montegrappa’s Ocean Collection. Coming in just 300 pieces in two writing modes (fountain pen and rollerball), these pens are an exquisite Interpretation of the mission behind the Foundation.

 Coming in a satinized silver, the barrel and cap have engravings of the precious marine wildlife that is so desperately in need of human help. The clip is molded into a trident, the historic symbol of Roman god Neptune, the god of the ocean and one can interpret it as a pledge to defend the ocean. Finally, topping this pen is cubic zirconia, which, as Montegrappa puts it, “invites us to peer beneath the surface”.

These pens are housed in a wooden box which, again, touches on the need for human intervention in the crises that climate change has caused. 

By purchasing this pen, a portion of donations will go to the charity. We think that this is one clever way to provide support for a good cause in a sophisticated way. A win-win, in our books.

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