Sailor Moonlight Over The Ocean is Coming Soon

If we haven’t heard from Sailor lately, it’s because they’re working on a new collection that’s expected to hit the market in June. As a sequel to the previous editions, the Japanese brand will launch a new collection ‘Moonlight Over the Ocean’ according to the announcement on its official website. 

Building on the success of their previous editions, Sailor is ready to present its latest creation, which promises to take the writing experience to a whole new level. To do so, it offers the users the possibility to choose this edition in any of the 3 versions available according to their preferences: Professional Gear King of Pens, Professional Gear and Professional Gear Slim.

To the delight of those who love colourful pens, this edition will feature a blend of orange (used for the barrel) and yellow (on the cap) that harmoniously complements the yellow gold plated trim and nib. This thoughtful palette of colours depicts the bright yellow light of the moon reflecting on the calming waves of the ocean at dusk. The glossy finish enhances even more the vivid colours and turns this edition into an eye-catching writing instrument that is sure to make a statement every time it is used.

Powered by a cartridge/converter filling system, each pen in the collection comes equipped with different nibs: the King of Pens with large 21k gold nib, the ProGear with regular 21k gold nib and the ProGear Slim with 14k gold nib. 

For more information about this edition, contact Sailor at [email protected] 

Model name: Professional Gear Moonlight over the Ocean ‘Umi to Gekko’
King of Pens (21k)
ProGear (21k)
ProGear Slim (14k)
Filling system: Cartridge/Converter Material: Precious Resin

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