Montegrappa Pays Tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus With a Limited Edition Collection

More than 500 years ago, there was a Polish man who would, in time, change the way we perceive not just our world – but our entire understanding of the space itself. Using reason and science to combat the religious dogma of the time, Nicolaus Copernicus would be remembered in history books as the man who would position the Sun – not Earth – as the center of our solar system.

It is no wonder, then, that Montegrappa would posit Copernicus as their inaugural figure in the new Avanguardia series, which is dedicated to revolutionary figures of both past and present. Copernicus’ heliocentric view of the world would ultimately – and fundamentally – change the way we understand aspects of known science of the time, while also challenging the perception of religion in the age of Enlightenment itself.

Montegrappa, in turn, has done an incredible job at using the limited real estate of their pen to memorialize Copernicus’ contributions to science. Each element of the pen is a nod to the work and influence of the late Renaissance man. The cap is topped with a mechanical celestial globe while the body is engraved with eight planets decorated in opalescent enamel. A bass-relief cross-stitch pattern is a contemporary design element from the age of Copernicus, while the scientist’s signature is engraved to memorialize his legacy. Even the nib is decorated in a celestial pattern to give this an all-around celebration of Copernicus’ work.

The pen is available in both fountain pen and rollerball, limited to 550 pieces of each. A special Reserve Edition (limited to 55 pieces) will also include a specially-designed watch which includes many of the symbols and decoration of the pen to further celebrate Nicolaus Copernicus’ life. Prices begin at €3,990 and are now available through Montegrappa and authorised retailers.

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