Sailor’s SHIKIORI 5th Year Anniversary is Commemorated with the Minori

Entrenched in Japanese culture is an appreciation for the natural world. This is most evident for me when I review the Shikiori collection by Sailor. For five years, the brand has been honoring the changing seasons with an array of vibrant pens and accessories.

The latest release from Sailor, the Minori, marks that five year commemoration. Meaning “bountiful harvest” in Japanese, the Minori depicts the changing seasons as shown through the lens of a rice paddy field. Each component of the pen shows the growth – and eventual harvest – of the staple food of Japan.

Starting with the light blue barrel, we see the intentional design to reflect the water and sky when the rice field is flooded. The teal-green grip section shows that same rice in abundance. As we move towards the cap, the mature rice takes on a different color and harvest altogether, which gives the cap its unique shape and design. 

Further to this, the Minori launch includes a special ink. Just as rice plants ripen from verdant green to gold, so does the corresponding ink for this launch. When first written, the ink appears green, but will become more earthy and subtle as it dries.

The remarkable amount of thoughtfulness around the Minori launch should be no surprise, but it is a wonderful reminder of Sailor’s attention to detail and overall design philosophy in everything they do. This set is available as a fountain pen, equipped with a 14-karat nib, or as a ballpoint.

For more information about this new edition, contact any of your local authorised retailers or Sailor at [email protected]

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