Sailor Introduces The New 1911 Ringless Metallic Fountain Pen

Whenever one thinks of Sailor, perhaps the first pen that comes to mind is the classic 1911. In honour of Sailor’s foundation year, the 1911 series was launched in 1981 and quickly became the brand’s most famous range ever since. Today we take a look at the new Sailor 1911 Ringless Metallic Fountain Pen, an Exclusive Overseas edition whose cool and modern-looking design caught our eye instantly. Could this edition become a modern alternative to the classic 1911? We shall see! 

Although the 1911 has undergone minor aesthetic adjustments over the years, its overall appearance has not changed dramatically and its DNA has been very well preserved by the Japanese brand. Bearing a strong resemblance to Montblanc’s classic Meisterstuck, Sailor’s 1911 is a cigar-shaped fountain pen offered in two sizes: standard and large. Given its precious resin construction, the pen is quite lightweight thus making every writing session comfortable and enjoyable. 

Some might say the range of colours the 1911 usually comes in is pretty narrow – black, maroon and white – but now that Sailor gave a modern twist to its classic 1911 there’s a little more variety.

Whereas the original model displayed a very understated elegance, the new edition is bold, thanks to its metallic look and black gold ion plated nib, clip and accents. There are three versions available – Simply Blue, Simply Red and Simply Gray – each fitted with a 21k gold nib with black ion plating. To enhance the modern design of the new edition, Sailor went for a ringless cap, which looks fantastic, given the overall appearance of the pen.

I don’t know about you, but I really like what Sailor has done with this new edition. The metallic finish may not be for everyone, that’s for sure, but it will certainly be a fresh addition to many enthusiasts’ collections. To be honest, I’m just picturing the Gray version next to my Macbook or camera and it simply matches them nicely.

The new Sailor 1911 Ringless Metallic Fountain Pen will be available starting from October. For more information about this new edition, get in touch with your local authorised retailers or contact Sailor at [email protected]

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