TACCIA Polar Lights LE – A Hard-to-Get Raden Beauty

Although not mentioned among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Polar Lights (also known as aurora borealis) could easily make the list, judging by its extraordinary beauty. Probably one of the most coveted natural phenomena, chased annually by nature lovers and not only, the Aurora Borealis is a spectacular show you cannot miss in this life. And while it may look incredible in photographies, there’s nothing like experiencing it yourself. Inspired by its breathtaking charm, Taccia worked on a stunning limited edition fountain pen to recreate the fascinating spectacle.

TACCIA Polar Lights LE proved to be a great success, however, the manufacturing process was quite challenging for the Japanese designers at Taccia. To create each of the 50 masterpieces available worldwide, maki-e masters spent countless hours to find the perfect formula for the mysterious celurean blue base – which is one of the most difficult urushi colors to produce.

To recreate the spectacular hues and sparkles of the polar lights, several fine strips of raden maki-e (the only ones capable of depicting such beauty) are hand inlaid beneath multiple layers of urushi lacquer, then polished to come to the surface. For extra shine, artisans apply several coats of ki-urushi, then polish each fountain pen until they reach the final stage. 

Now let’s get onto the subject that matters most to any pen enthusiast – the nib, which is of the highest quality, as Taccia uses Sailor-made nibs for its pens, this one being fitted with a 14k gold nib available in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad and music.

While this edition may still be available on the secondary market, a sequel, ‘Dancing Lights’, can be purchased from authorised retailers for €1418.

Taccia Dancing Lights - photo courtesy of Goulet Pens

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