Montegrappa Wild Arctic To Complete The Fascinating Series

The beauty of our world is not lost on those who go and explore it themselves. That was the case with wildlife photographers and campaigners, Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman, who have explored the arctic and inspired Montegrappa to create a pen celebrating the climactic and ecological diversity of this region of Earth.

Photo courtesy of Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman

Introducing Montegrappa Wild: Arctic, the latest pen from Montegrappa that celebrates the natural world in all its forms. This pen is a blend of light and dark blue tones created in the expressive Montegrapphite, giving it a stunning background to honor the Arctic in its dazzling shades of blue. 

Every detail of this pen encapsulates the mission of WILD (the nature foundation started by Løvevild Golman) and the life found in some of the Earth’s most rugged landscapes. These include the feather-shaped pen clip, the camo-stripe shadow engraving, and the explorer’s disk on the finial of this pen.

This pen is available in three versions: fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint and each has the features mentioned above that give it a unique, special feel to the mission of this pen’s release. The fountain pen is fitted with an 18-carat gold nib and each modality is limited to 999 units.

Prices begin at around €400 for the ballpoint and increase to €818 for the fountain pen at authorised retailers.

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