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The Best Fountain Pens you can get in the €1000 and €2500 price range

The one of you who follow me on Instagram and Youtube know that I have a weakness especially for the more expensive every day carries the Market has to offer. Personally, Quality and Feeling always come above Quantity when it comes to Products. Today I’m going to put together a selection of pens that I would recommend in the €1000 and €2500 price range. Let’s start…

Sailor King of Pen “Iromiyabi” in Green Urushi

Let’s start off with a writer that will simply never disappoint you. The Sailor King of Pen. It comes with a Medium or Broad Nib and can only be filled using Cartridges or the Sailor Converter. Now, besides the fact that I would even buy the classic resin King of Pen, when it comes to Must-Haves and Work of Arts then the Urushi Series of Sailor really catches the heart. One specific piece that has hit me hard is the “Iromiyabi” in Green Urushi. The pen is made of ebonite and covered with Urushi lacquer in a finish called “Iro-Myabi”, a specialized “Ishimi-nuri” lacquer technique from the Kaga region of Japan, providing a roughened look that enhances the appearance. The Iromiyabi was made in collaboration with Urushi Artist Isana Kobayashi.

Price: € 1’950.00

Otto Hutt designC

We hit the target of 2’500€ with the designC but how could I not mention this icon of our industry. Since I personally acquired it the designC remains one of the Top three pens to give me vibes every time i pull it out of its Leather Pouch. The Otto Hutt designC is a Limited Edition of only 500 pieces designed by star designer Mark Braun. Definitely Bauhaus inspired it expresses everything a german made pen should have. The Fountain Pen is made of 925 Sterling Silver that will get a patina over time and two 18k solid gold indexes that serve as roll stopper. It obviously closes down always perfectly. The grip section is in Stainless Steel with black PVD plating and the pen is fitted with an 18k Gold Nib. As you might already know, the piece also features a Pull&Twist Filling Mechanism that is going to be patented. What should I say… that is a lot of product for a relatively reasonable price. I will personally never stop loving my designC.

Price: € 2’500.00

Montegrappa Extra 1930

The Extra 1930 of Montegrappa is another series of pens that drives me totally crazy. I’m simply attracted by it every time i look at them. I will tell you one more secret… i would buy them all. The celluloid generates such a deep feeling every time you stare at it and gives you completely new feelings depending on the color of the celluloid. The one i’m currently most attracted to is the Turtle Brown. But from the Black&White to the Blue Celluloid they’re all magnificent and must-haves. The Pen is fitted with a Piston Filling Mechanism, features an 18k Gold Nib with an in-house made Ebonite Feed. All Metal Trims are made out of 925 Sterling Silver.

Price: € 1’250.00 

Montblanc Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire

The new Glacier, coming out around the end of the month will surely draw the attention of many Fountain Pen aficionados. The appearance as well as the materials used on this edition make the difference.  The Glacier is inspired by the mystical glaciers of the Mont Blanc mountain. The cap and barrel have special engraving that are covered by a translucent blue lacquer, symbolising the geometrical refractions of ice crystals. The Pen is fitted, like all LeGrand, with a Piston Filling Mechanism and features an 18k gold nib with the engraving of the Mer de Glace ‘dragon’ lying on top of the Mont Blanc mountain.

Price: € 1’650.00

Namiki No. 20 in Black Urushi

It’s almost cliché to mention the No. 20 but what should I say. It remains one of the most incredible Writing Instruments in the Industry. Black Urushi, Solid Brass Body that gives weight to the piece. A beautiful 18k gold nib with the engraving of the Mount Fuji. This pen has everything it needs to cover your daily writing and gives you the sophisticated feelings of Japanese minimalism.No. 20 can be filled either with Namiki-Pilot cartridges or with a converter.

Price: € 1’600.00

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