Montblanc’s Naruto Special Edition Brings The Younger Generation On Board

After this year’s spectacular editions, Montblanc strikes again with a totally unexpected collection that is sure to stir powerful emotions within the younger generation. The Hamburg-based manufacturer has recently announced an edition inspired by Naruto, the protagonist of the most popular manga series, much to the delight of those who grew up with the fantastic character. Let’s discover it below! 

Created by the talented manga artist Masashi Kishimoto in 1999, the young ninja’s adventures would later capture the imagination of many readers, no wonder why it became one of the best-selling manga of all time with over 250 million volumes sold in 46 different countries.

A keen observer and a formidable storyteller, Montblanc found inspiration in the relationship between Naruto and his mentor Jiraiya, centering the collection around the theme of transmission of knowledge and the art of storytelling. 

Retaining the proportions of the classic Meisterstück, the special edition is adorned with iconic motifs like the Naruto cloud engraved on the barrel and Naruto’s signature pose engraved and set in orange lacquer on the cap. The clip is also highlighted with a vibrant orange coating reminiscent of Naruto’s signature orange jumpsuit. To match the overall design of the edition, the ruthenium-coated 14k gold nib was decorated with the Naruto “Village Hidden in the Leaves” symbol. 

Besides the writing instruments, Montblanc offers a matching notebook and ink bottle, several leather goods, a smartwatch as well as a leather belt and other cool accessories. 


Montblanc X Naruto Meisterstück LeGrand Fountain Pen: €890,00
Montblanc X Naruto Meisterstück LeGrand Rollerball Pen: €680,00
Montblanc X Naruto Meisterstück Midsize Ballpoint Pen: €580,00
Montblanc x Naruto ink bottle: €36,00
Montblanc x Naruto notebook #146 small: 76,00

Although I am aware of Montblanc’s creative spirit, I was pleasantly surprised by this collection. I also firmly believe that this theme will spark the interest of the younger generation to discover handwriting and carry on this art.

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