The Flagship of Otto Hutt – design07

A flagship is a vessel used by the commanding officer of a group of naval ships, characteristically a flag officer entitled by custom to fly a distinguishing flag. Used more loosely, it is the lead ship in a fleet of vessels, typically the first, largest, fastest, most heavily armed, or best known. Over the years, the term “flagship” has become a metaphor used in industries such as broadcasting, automobiles, education, technology, airlines, and retail to refer to their highest profile or most expensive products and locations. And this is exactly what the design07 of Otto Hutt stands for.

Even though, Otto Hutt is based quite far away from the sea, they have perfectly interpreted the meaning of a flagship in their lineup. Jokes aside, the design07 is exactly everything you would expect from a top of the range product as it is. Bold, heavy and sophisticated. Let’s analyze this writing instrument a little bit more in detail.

One of the first things that jumps to my attention is the size and the weight of the pen. In particular the fountain pen. With its 65,6 grams and the 16mm diameter, the design07 is definitely an XL fountain pen. In order of comparison, a Montblanc Meisterstück 149 has a diameter of 17.3mm but “only” 32 grams of weight, is almost a lightweight. In fact, as soon as you pick up the design07, you immediately recognize the solid quality Otto Hutt is known for. So fresh and ergonomic. A real joy for the tact and it feels immediately comfortable. And this is not a coincidence. A deep dive into the details of the 2 available versions will give us a clear understanding of the reasons.

Just to start with, there is a version in 925 sterling silver. On the other variant, the barrel and cap are made of the solid brass and are platinum-plated afterwards. Like on the sterling silver model, the barrel and the cap are finely engraved with thread guilloches. In addition, double lacquering with black translucent lacquer followed by seven layers of clear lacquer. Polished several times and polished by hand. In addition to these details, the characteristic spring clip has been further developed for the design07, because on a flagship, also details like the movement of the clip cannot be left to chance. And, cherry on the cake, the people responsible at Otto Hutt are particularly proud of this: The company received a prize at the “European Luxury Packing Awards” for the packaging of the design07. Because a flagship deserves a magnificent presentation.

Both version of the design07 come as a Fountain Pen with 18kt Gold Nib (Sterling Silver: €580, Black Translucent €520) Rollerball (SS €470, BT:€410) and since one month also as a very ergonomic Ballpoint Pen (SS €295. BT €260)

Find the design07 on Otto Hutt:

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