The Limited Edition Perfect Pencil for the 260th Anniversary of Faber-Castell.

There is nothing more impressive than a legacy that lasts over centuries. If that legacy is older than the US declaration of independence it’s even more impressive. Faber-Castell launches the new Perfect Pencil Limited Edition for the 260th Anniversary of Faber-Castell. Let’s discover it together.

Coming from the Watch Industry I have experienced how much a lot of brands have used and advertised with a sentence like “since 18xx”. This since was meant to convey a form of credibility by pointing on the long heritage of the brand or the manufacturer. Well, often those same brand, advertising with the “since” sentence, were brands that had been sold by family members to some random investors, or that went bankrupt and had to be acquired by private equities or financial groups to be relaunched.

But there is a Brand, a Maison, a Manufacturer or let’s call it a family that can really advertise with a “since” slogan without being awkward. It’s the 260 years old company called Faber-Castell.

Faber-Castell was founded in 1761 at Stein near Nürnberg by cabinet maker Kaspar Faber can count on being in the Faber Family since nine generations (!!!).
If I read this sentence for myself again I feel overwhelmed by feelings of legacy and family union.

The year 2021 marks the 260th Anniversary of Faber-Castell and if we consider that the Brand started as simple producer of pencils (which actually wasn’t simple back at the time) we can understand that Graf von Faber-Castell could only celebrate by releasing a specific iconic model of their collection.

So we are happy to introduce you to the Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil 260th Anniversary. Let’s discover it together.

We have covered the story about the evolution of the perfect pencil in May 2020 (Find it here) where we gave our best to give you a structured idea about how it was born and where this beautiful item is right now.

As you know, the Perfect Pencil is meant to be an original pencil, but premium and with every single accessory you need to use it. Therefore it comes with an eraser on the bottom of the pencil and a sharpener on the top of the cap.

This Limited Edition marks an evolution into the Perfect Pencil Series, as it comes with a facelift of the upper part of the cap, which differs from the classic Perfect Pencil. The difference is slight but you can definitely recognize a cleaner and a more elegant design line on the upper part of the cap.

Still on the cap, you will find 12 engraved pencils, as a delicate reference to the iconic pencil CASTELL 9000.

The real gem of this Edition, which brings this Edition from looking “normal” to being “totally worth it” is the faceted Jade on the Top of the cap.

Jade was the Material used for the Pen of the Year of the 250 years of Faber-Castell, and I therefore find it to be a great “fil rouge” that keeps on coming up over the years.

All Metal trims are in black PVD made of Titanium and the Edition has been limited to 750 pieces in the world, and form the feedback I have got of some aficionados it looks like it’s going to hit the Market hard.

There are not many Writing Instruments that sound like poetry when using them but the original pencil is definitely one of those. The way it feels and the way it sounds when touching the paper are just romantic and a booster of creativity. That is why I keep on mentioning how iconic and worth of attention the Perfect Pencil is.

The 260th Anniversary Edition of the Perfect Pencil will be sold for approx. € 475 and will be available from January 2021.

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