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Three Pen Options For Heavy-Handed Users

One of the features people look at in a pen, besides the nib or shape, is definitely the weight. And while some prefer lighter pens, others find that only a heavier pen sits well in hand. For me, a heavier pen is more comfortable, which is why I’ve prepared three options that might suit those who prefer well-proportioned pens.

I simply love pens that have a certain amount of weight. And to be honest, I feel that my hand doesn’t get so tired when writing with one. Whenever I use a heavier pen, it simply glides across the paper without me applying any particular force, and unfortunately the same cannot be said for lighter pens. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried gesturing with a pen, but if not, try doing it with a heavy pen. The sensation is incredibly satisfying. However, it’s the writing experience that matters most and I definitely need my pens to be a little heavier. That said, let’s discover the three options I’ve picked for you.

Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire

The Meisterstück is already an icon, but the classic precious resin one, it’s definitely too light for me since it weighs just 25.59 gr. But when it comes to Montblanc’s Solitaire line, it’s a whole different story. You could choose the marvellous Glacier or the Blue Hour Solitaire and you’d jump straight to a weight between 58.96 grams and 59.2 grams.

Yes, this is two times heavier than a classic resin Meisterstück and certainly offers a completely different experience in many ways. Besides the weight, it’s also about the sensation you get when you hold the pen in your hand. It’s the exquisite lacquering on the barrel and cap and the precious platinum-plated trim that gives it such a premium look. 

The Solitaire is in the $1’500 – $1’800 range and is definitely a premium fountain pen, one worth owning and enjoying.

Otto Hutt design07

Being made of solid brass or in some cases sterling silver, most Otto Hutt pens are on the heavier side .Whether it’s design04 or design08, whenever I hold them in hand I feel like I’m dealing with a quality pen. Famous for its Bauhaus-inspired look, the design08 weighs around 78-80 grams, which is a lot, but I kind of like it. However, I’d like to refer to the elegant design07, the German brand’s flagship pen.  This piece is made of sterling silver or brass (coated with a thin translucent lacquer) and weighs more than the Montblanc Solitaire. At around 66gr, it might be the best option for heavy-handed users.

The pen comes with a converter or cartridge filling mechanism and a well-proportioned 18kt gold nib and sells for $800. It’s certainly a nice addition to any collection. 

Namiki No. 20 Black Urushi

It may not have the weight of the aforementioned pens, but one thing’s for sure – you can truly feel the Urushi lacquer and solid brass base when you hold a Namiki No. 20 (Yukari Royale) in your hand. Weighing 42 grams, the No. 20 isn’t the heaviest pen on the market, but it’s a great pen to start getting used to heavy pens. It’s very well balanced and feels comfortable in the hand, and I think its weight is just right to enjoy endless writing sessions. Fitted with an 18k gold nib finely engraved with the profile of Mount Fuji and equipped with a converter or cartridge-based filling system, the Namiki No. 20 sells for around $1,800.

Now I’m wondering, what’s your favorite heavy pen?

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