Otto Hutt’s design07 Is Taking Shape

With the recent launch of two wonderful design07 versions – Corn Guilloche in two-tone and silver – and another Allblack version coming soon, Otto Hutt’s flagship pen is taking shape, offering users a fairly wide range of design options. In today’s article I’ll briefly summarise each model in the design07 line, so you can get a clear picture of what’s available and what might possibly suit your taste. 

A masterpiece of form and functionality, the design07 has quickly found its place in many users’ collections since its launch. Prized for its understated elegance and high-quality construction, the pen comes in a modern flat-top silhouette and is made out of either silver or brass. Being a metal pen, it has some weight to it, which I personally like as it fits well in hand. Developed to meet the most demanding expectations, the design07 performs impressively on paper all thanks to the 18k gold nib that glides like a feather, without skipping and ensuring excellent ink flow.

Now, let’s see which versions of design07 are currently available! 

design07 Sterling Silver

This version marked the debut of the series and is probably the most popular among pen aficionados. Made out of sterling silver and embellished with a finely engraved guilloche, this version is sure to develop a beautiful patina over the years. It comes fitted with an 18k gold nib and a cartridge/converter filling system. If you like heavy pens, you’ll simply adore this one as it weighs 66gr. 

Fountain Pen: €600
Rollerball Pen: €500
Ballpoint Pen: €320

design07 Translucent Black

Launched simultaneously with the aforementioned version, this edition is made out of solid brass, then platinized and covered by double coat of translucent black varnish and seven clear coats. It showcases the same fine guilloche and it features the same 18k gold nib available in extra-fine, fine, medium and broad.

Fountain Pen: €500
Rollerball Pen: €420

design07 Sterling Silver Corn Guilloche

Recently launched in April, the new design07 editions made a splash with a fine corn guilloche engraved along the barrel and cap. It’s the kind of guilloche you usually see on watch dials or jewellery and it looks so distinguished. I think it significantly changed the pen’s appearance, making it more sophisticated. You can find this new edition in silver with platinum-plated or two-tone fittings priced at €700 for the fountain pen and €600 for the rollerball pen.

Now, which of these versions is most to your liking?

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