Tibaldi Perfecta – A vintage-inspired beauty with a modern touch

When it comes to great stories, Tibaldi is undoubtedly a fountain pen manufacturer that has truly risen from the ashes. In the spotlight, such an interesting collection – Perfecta – displays a well-thought-out mixture of vintage air and some trendy futuristic vibes…

Let’s go through a brief history of the brand before presenting the collection. Even if the name is not so familiar, it should be noted that Tibaldi has an impressive history behind it, for more than 100 years. Originated in Florence – the city of Renaissance, it was founded by Giuseppe Tibaldi in 1916. When Giuseppe died in 1935 the company went through some difficult times but it operated until 1960 when most of the Tibaldy company was ended. In 1990 it emerged again for a brief time and now, after several decades of leadership changes, the Aquila family owns the brand and I think that under the leadership of this important pawn in the pen design and manufacturing industry, Tibaldi will be in good hands.

The Perfecta collection was born from the desire to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and up with the modern times. Reinterpreted, with a new silhouette, this extraordinary writing instrument comes in a color block palette of shiny retro-hues high-quality resins and just a few powerful designs that stand out in a distinguished manner. To meet everyone’s tastes, Tibaldi allows you to choose among the three standard types of the: fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen to enjoy a writing experience to your liking.

In terms of colours, the Perfecta line is more on the cool side of chromatics with some interesting colour combinations such as rich black, raw denim and grey delave as well as tortoise beige just to bring a light warm color in the background..


Fountain pen

Tibaldi Perfecta is a slightly smaller pen but I see it as a good fact for people who are more into small fountain pens. Even if the fountain pen is vintage-inspired it also has a minimalist side due to its fine details and clean lines. The body is made from a high-quality glossy resin and some square guilloched bands are displayed around the finial, on the section as well as on the end of the barrel. The clip is a modern-looking one and it’s covered in rubber. In terms of dimensions, the fountain pen has 13.1 cm capped and it weighs 26 grams which makes it comfortable in your hand even for long writing periods.

The nib is a simple-looking one crafted from stainless steel and has engraved on it the Tibaldi’s logo. It comes in 5 widths EF, F, M, B and double-broad to meet everyone’s preferences. It’s a smooth nib so it will glide nicely across the paper and an interesting feature that I would mention is the ebonite feeder which is perfectly balanced. Related to the filling mechanism you can choose between cartridges or converter. The price for a fountain pen is around 195 EUR.

Rollerball pen

The Rollerball pens are equipped with one disposable black-ink refill inside and are similar to the fountain pens in terms of design. A rollerball pen can be a good alternative for professionals looking for prestigious and high-quality writing instruments which require less maintenance. The Rollerball pen costs around 180 EUR.

Ballpoint pen

Equipped with one disposable black-ink refill inside, the pen tip is pulled out or retracted through a simple twist. This one is also an elegant choice and is suited best for daily use. The ballpoint pen is less expensive and costs 170 EUR.

In my opinion with this line Perfecta, Tibaldi is offering to us a vintage-inspired design with a modern attitude, and I think that it will find its place in the hearts of many designers, vintage enthusiasts and teens. 


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