Sailor Maki-e The King of Pens – Battle of Itsukushima | 33 pieces worldwide

I’ve said it many times in other articles: there are fountain pens and there are works of art. From fine engravings to intricate decorations, art comes in many forms but today it’s about Maki-e. This ancient Japanese technique handed down from generation to generation never ceases to impress with its spectacular detail and craftsmanship. Today we take a look at one of Sailor’s Maki-e creations – the King of Pens Battle of Itsukushima. 

As its name suggests, the pen depicts the famous Battle of Itsukushima, known to be the only battle ever fought on the sacred island of Miyajima. Before going any further let’s see what’s so special about this battle.

Since we’re talking pens and not history, I won’t go into details, but I’d like to give you an idea of the event: the Battle of Itsukushima took place in 1555 and is one of the monumental battles in the career of Mori Motonari (described as one of the greatest commanders of the Sengoku period). Well, what makes this event so special, apart from the fact that it took place on an island considered holy ground, where no living creature is allowed to die, it also marked a spectacular victory for the Mori, who managed to win the conflict by fighting an army almost four times the size of his own. 

Let’s take a look at the pen now. With a King of Pens silhouette, this limited edition has the same well-defined lines and balanced proportions as the classic version. The body of the pen is made out of Ebonite, which is then decorated with impressively detailed illustrations by renowned Urushi artist – Ikki Moroike. 

There are only two nib sizes one can choose from: medium or broad, and in terms of nib design, Sailor has fitted each pen with the well-known King of Pens nib, made of 21k gold. Along with the pen comes a bottle of Manyo “Chigaya” ink of 50ml, a pen pouch, as well as a cleaning cloth, all put together in a very refined lacquered gift box decorated accordingly with Maki-e illustrations.

As the best perfumes come in small bottles, the same can be said about this pen, which has been launched in only 33 pieces worldwide. Surprisingly, it is still available at some retailers.

Price: EUR 8870

We’re quite curious now, do any of our readers have this beautiful masterpiece in their collection?

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