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What Makes The design08 A Great EDC Pen

If you’ve already watched my Youtube Video or my Instagram Posts you certainly know that the design08 is one of my absolutely favorite Fountain Pens and an EDC pen. However, let’s discover what it exactly is that makes the design08 a must-have and a pen to always carry with you.

Writing Experience

I’d like to begin with the most important attribute of a Fountain Pen. The design08 is simply one of the best and smoothest writers I have ever experienced with a great ink flow. It is a pleasure to write with and it really doesn’t matter if it’s for brainstorming on a blank paper, on the notebook or for signing an important document. The buttery smooth 18k gold nib that is always tested at Otto Hutt before being released on the market is a beauty to look at and to use. 


With a weight of 80 grams, the design08 easily falls into the heavy fountain pen side. That said, its weight gives one that feeling of strength and quality. Every time I pick it up I feel like I have something valuable in hand that helps me to express myself and be myself. Personally, I’m also a big fan of the weight when it comes to writing, therefore I find it a great piece to always carry with me. In addition to that, every time I hand over the pen to someone that is not a lover or collector yet I get a significant feedback just because of the weight. Again, it feels like something very well crafted, which in fact it is.


It is a rather long and thick pen and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a desk during a meeting or if you gesticulate with it, as I mentioned above, the design08 allows me to express my personality with its bold yet “less is more” aesthetic. In terms of spirit it is similar to the Black Urushi No. 20 of Namiki: you can see it is quite a classic pen because it’s a simple black pen, but at the same time the depth of that pen tells a story of its own. Also, the guilloche lines and the design of the clip are very clean, but nevertheless they evoke a strong design language. Moreover, we should not forget that this pen has only a very decent logo on the top of the cap, proof that the German brand has focused on the beauty of its minimalist design.


I’m a lover of Concepts. Behind each product I want, there has to be a concept, an ideal. Well, every time I use my design08 I think of the fantastic design that Mark Braun has created and how much aesthetic and beauty is behind such work of this design genius. I’m in love with the Ruthenium that melts with the black grip section, along with the 18k yellow gold nib.

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