Inside Montblanc’s Custom Nib Service

In previous articles, we have spoken about Montblanc’s approach to a customer-forward approach to design and retail. We also spoke about the need for nibmeisters as the craftsmen of the nib world. Now, today, we combine both in telling you about Montblanc’s bespoke nib service.

Offered since 2012, this service has been available for customers to ensure that the feel of the pen and the writing experience is completely tailored to you. Montblanc has always had a reputation for elevating the retail experience to an entirely other stratosphere, and here it is no different.

For roughly 1200 Euros, you are invited to one of Montblanc’s boutiques to prescribe changes needed from one of the standard nib sizes (Extra Fine to Broad) to a wholly unique nib that complements – and doesn’t fight against – your own writing habits. 

In order to do this, Montblanc staff members have a special pen and digital pad that captures the movement, pressure, and idiosyncrasies of your writing to produce a nib that is perfectly and uniquely designed for you. It looks similar to the pads one may find for signing after swiping a credit card, but with a lot more detail and ingenuity behind it.

From here, the experts evaluate the results and “diagnose” the best nib adjustments for you and your handwriting. It’s a process like this which really shows that a writing utensil is an extension of the person using it, while also giving one the ability to truly and uniquely craft an experience that fits hand-in-hand with the ethos of Montblanc: to build a relationship with you and your pen in everything they do.

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