10 Essential Items to Make Your Desk More Charming

Like one’s wardrobe or house, a gentleman’s desk is a reflection of himself. Is it tiny? Messy? Full of important papers? Full of (horror of horrors!), cheap Bic pens? One should take pride in the places one spends the most time, I think, and a desk is no different. Because of this, we have compiled a list of items that we feel make a desk more complete, more charming, more elevated.

From good paper to great pens, the below list is a starting point to what it means to, truly, live one’s best life at their desk.

Smythson Soho Notebook with Pocket in Panama

The Soho notebook is a classic that’s recognizable as one of the industry standards in premier stationery. With a brand dating back to 1887, they’ve become a veritable hallmark of luxury. I’m particularly fond of the Lapis Blue, adding a touch of electricity to your desk while still maintaining a sense of refinement. The paper is tinted blue with faint gilting along the edges, making the experience of writing just as enjoyable as its look.

Price: €255.00

Pineider Writing Paper Box Set

Having a set of fine correspondence stationery is a staple for any gentleman. Pineider makes it easy. The boxes are based on themes, such as Empress or Milano, and come with paper that complements this theme. The paper is sized A4, a perfect fit, and comes in sets of 24 with matching tissue-lined envelopes. For love letters or business notes, Pineider provides the tools and keeps your desk looking its sharpest.

Price: €95.00

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149

A classic pen that writes beautifully? Say no more. The 149’s silhouette is one of the brand’s most popular, and it’s no wonder why. Beautifully crafted in a handsome gold finish, one only has to prop it on one’s desk to get a sense of why Montblanc has been synonymous with fine writing for generations.

Price: €938.00

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen Holder, in Cognac

If you have a collection of good pens, it’s a natural progression to have a nice pen holder. Graf von Faber-Castell has a gorgeous grained leather made from Italian calfskin that’s equal parts masculine and warm, providing a beautiful centrepiece for your writing station.

Price: €225.00

Graf von Faber-Castell Desk Pad, in Cognac

And to match the pen holder, grab yourself a desk pad in the same color of epsom leather. A desk pad is an oft-overlooked missing piece to a well-equipped desk and is perfect for your keyboard or the next time you’re planning out your week.

Price: €382.00

El Casco Letter Opener 

A gentleman should never tear an envelope; but instead should have the perfect tool for the job. Well, El Casco’s opener is that perfect tool. A polished chrome finish to shine on your desk would look good and has an important purpose against all of the paraphernalia we accrue in the mail.

Price: €111.00

El Casco Desk Stapler 

El Casco further leads the aesthetic pleasure of utilising chrome-plating in sensible designs. This desk stapler, with its mechanical design and upgraded features, is the perfect option for building a beautiful layout on your desk.

Price: €244.00

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink

Sometimes the most beautiful things we have on our desk aren’t even the flashiest. Take a bottle of Iroshizuku ink, for instance. With its gentle curves and stout frame, it’s unpretentious but gorgeous all the same. While I almost exclusively am using black ink these days, their cerulean blue would leave a desk all the more decorated with its presence.

Price: €28.00

Caran d’Ache Ecridor Ballpoint

We often forget, in this mad world of fountain pens, that the humble ballpoint is often just the right tool one needs, such as for signing checks and autographs. Caran d’Ache is the leader in this field, I must say. Their Ecridor line takes a familiar silhouette and finds a way to elevate it with high-quality materials and iconic finishes. 

Price: €210.00

Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil in Sterling Silver 

Like the brand’s pen holder above, this pencil mixes rich brown tones with more clean silver finishes. The Perfect Pencil is a gentleman’s pencil, it’s an all-in-one tool that includes eraser and sharpener just under the metal framework. A piece of engineering ingenuity that’s no surprise from this industry giant.

Price: €390.00

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