Montblanc Haus – the Gateway to a Captivating Journey through Montblanc’s World

Montblanc, the brand that is arguably most synonymous with luxury writing utensils, has recently opened a permanent exhibit in Hamburg, Germany. Situated on 3600 square meters and covering three levels, the Montblanc Haus is not only a destination to visit, but an experience to behold. We’re pleased to give you a first look at this museum dedicated to the brand’s history, and the culture of writing in general.

The building itself is a stunning example of extrapolating a brand’s ethos into new avenues of design. Working with Nieto Sobejanos Arquitectos, a renowned firm based in Madrid and Berlin, Montblanc created a monolithic pitch-black building reminiscent of the pens’ packaging, further accented with snowy white vistas and the iconic snowflake cap illuminated on top. 

Inside, the interior space is a layered and considered homage to handwriting and the brand’s iconic history. White walls are dotted with photos, art, and imagery of handwriting from Hemingway to Jackie Chan. Throughout the exhibit, people are encouraged to learn about the brand and the pathos of why handwriting, for millennia, has been such a unique and important human experience. While highlighting art and writing, guests also have a chance to learn about the brand itself, encouraged to view and even test out some of the brand’s most memorable designs.

With the brand’s objective being to “Inspire Writing”, permanent exhibits at the Haus include: an immersive experience that highlights the value of handwriting; Montblanc’s story of their own maison and the bellwether pen, the Meisterstuck; an autograph library; an exhibit of over 30 handwritten notes from historical figures around the globe; and an exhibit dedicated to showing the differences – and similarities – of handwriting around the world.

But this isn’t simply a museum one walks around in and leaves – Montblanc invites its guests to really be hands-on in its approach to education. They offer guests the chance to try out various Montblanc instruments and send postcards from the location. Further, the Haus offers courses in calligraphy, creative writing, and even kids classes! If that’s not enough, a nice espresso awaits one at the cafe onsite. 

Montblanc continues to remain at the tops of its form and is cementing itself as a brand that’s as much a part of the culture of writing as it is embedded into the luxury industry as a whole. We’re excited to see what new exhibits come from the Haus and eagerly await new photos from visitors!

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