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3 Best Pens Introduced by Montblanc in 2021

Probably the favourite of many pen enthusiasts and by far a market leader in the industry, Montblanc launched some of the most interesting collections of writing instruments in 2021, and we’ve selected for you 3 of their best pens that we thought were truly great! That said, join us and let’s discover them.

Montblanc Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Edition – Dedicated to all Ferrari lovers

Before we introduce you to the collection itself, it must be said that Montblanc has an unmistakable style of paying homage to the legends of this world, and like few others, they are careful to capture in the most appropriate way the connection between the personality who inspired the writing instrument and the instrument itself. This collection pays tribute to the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, the Italian motor racing driver, entrepreneur and founder of the Scuderia Ferrari. Composed of three editions, the collection focuses on capturing in fine detail everything Enzo Ferrari has built throughout his career.

Let’s start with the special edition which is inspired by the iconic Ferrari color “Rosso 70 Anni” and features characteristic details such as the yellow Montblanc emblem symbolising the colour of Modena or the two dates engraved on the cone (one marking the birth of Enzo Ferrari, the other his first victory at the Circuito del Savio in 1923). A closer look at the cap of the pen reveals perhaps the most iconic element of Ferrari – the “Prancing horse” logo.

The Limited Edition 1898 comes to celebrate the year of Enzo Ferrari’s birth and it’s limited to 1898 pieces worldwide. You’ll notice that this edition is one of a kind one because its look evokes the surface of the original Ferrari 125S’s engine. To mark the production date of the first Ferrari car produced at Maranello as well as the date of the first racing victory for a Ferrari branded car, Montblanc decorated the cone accordingly. We like this subtle detail and we’re pretty sure it means a lot to any Ferrari enthusiast. 

Iconic symbols must be properly honoured and how else than with a limited edition of 98 pieces worldwide dedicated to Cavallino Rampante – the Prancing Horse bestowed as a personal emblem to the founder of Ferrari 98 years ago. Both the cap and barrel of this edition are hand lacquered in “Rosso Corso”, the official racing colour of Ferrari. A master of details, Montblanc adorned the cap of this pen with the number 29 symbolising the year Scuderia Ferrari was founded. For those truly fascinated by the automotive world there is a special mechanism that offers a glimpse inside the barrel, where the Prancing Horse is revealed when turning the cone to fill up the fountain pen with ink recreating the same scenario when gas is being poured into the tank to bring a powerful engine to life.

Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition – Dedicated to refined ladies

We believe that with this edition Montblanc not only paid homage to the purple-eyed actress but also offered one of the finest gifts to ladies who were looking for a pen that reflected their delicacy. As far as we can tell the edition is mainly inspired by the aesthetics of the 1950s and 1960s, the period in which Elizabeth achieved stardom in Hollywood. We have to admit it’s at least ingenious to ditch the traditional spring clip in favour of a ring-shaped clip, but Montblanc wanted to highlight Elizabeth’s passion for jewellery with this detail. And to make the actress’s famous statement at the end of her emotional speech at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2000 last an eternity, Montblanc has engraved the pen’s nib with her words “Long Live Love”. This edition is further proof that Montblanc knows how to spoil the ladies… 

Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Napoleon Bonaparte 4810 and 888 editions – In Honour of the Emperor

Right from the start we are dealing with a work of art. These two editions evoke opulence and an extremely imposing air and we love it. Both editions’ overall design is inspired by the neoclassic style as it was much favoured by Napoleon. As regards the 4810 edition, it features a pattern of golden bees on dark blue lacquer inspired by Napoléon’s throne in Fontainebleau. Another interesting detail can be seen on the sword-shaped clip which bears the Napoleonic “N”.

The beautiful blue pattern reminds of Napoléon‘s blue uniform, it also pays homage to the colour of the throne room in the palace of Fontainebleau. Then, if you take a closer look at the clip end, it’s decorated with a red stone recalling the coronation ring of Napoléon’s wife Joséphine.

Much more elaborate, the 888 edition showcases skeleton spiral covering a blue lacquer. Now, the blue lacquer is inspired by Napoleon’s blue uniform he wore as a consul, as this edition is celebrating his time as a French consul, as for the skeleton it pays homage to the original Collone Vendome. As for the other decorations on the pen, they are similar to the aforementioned 4810 edition.

Do you think Montblanc will bring even more exciting editions in 2022? We are more than sure and we are looking forward to them. 

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