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3 Best Releases of Montblanc in 2022 

Year after year, Montblanc has outdone itself and 2022 was no exception. From the Brothers Grimm special edition or the new Meisterstuck Glacier, to the adorable Rouge et Noir baby, this year Montblanc paraded some of its most impressive editions, much to the delight of collectors and enthusiasts. With deep respect for the German market leader’s craftsmanship and expertise, we decided to mention 3 of the most spectacular editions created in 2022.

Montblanc Great Characters Jimi Hendrix LE 99 

This year’s Great Characters series has been inspired by the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix who was honoured in grand style. Three editions have been dedicated to the late guitarist, but it is the last edition in 99 copies that caught our attention.

With a design mainly inspired by the 1969 Woodstock festival, one of the pivotal concerts of the artist’s career, as well as his famous Fender Stratocaster, the fountain pen features details and complications that are hard to resist. A reference to the colour of his guitar, part of the cap’s surface is covered in cream-coloured lacquer. Encircling the cap, a 750 solid white gold plaque commemorates the names of the songs in his Woodstock set. 

Montblanc adorned the cap finial with a skeletonised Au 750 solid white gold overlay carved out with the peace sign and the Montblanc emblem revealing a blue transparent dome underneath. Besides the tremolo bar shaped clip or Jimi Hendrix’s signature on the grip section, there’s a very ingenious detail that makes this pen stand out – Montblanc designed the pen so that users unscrew the barrel instead of the cap, inspired by Hendrix’s habit of turning right-handed guitars around to play left-handed.

Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert Limited Edition 8

Limited to 8 pieces worldwide this edition honours the love between Victoria and Albert and commemorates the period of grief Queen Victoria went through after the loss of her beloved Prince. On the black onyx cap with white gold inlay sits a hand-engraved “VRI” (Victoria Regina Imperatrix) monogrammed medallion depicting the life after and without Albert. It opens to reveal a hand-engraving from a memorial locket Victoria wore, engraved ‘In Erinnerung an Albert’ (In memory of Albert). 

The somber look of the cap is contrasted by the white gold barrel adorned with a decorative pattern and set with brilliant-cut diamonds. On the cone there’s a fine engraving stating “Queen of an Empire on which the sun never set” framed by a pattern in tribute to a design found in the bedroom in Kensington Palace where Princess Victoria grew up. The cone’s end showcases a beautiful cross and circle inlay made of sapphires, rubies and diamonds – reference to Queen Victoria’s coronation ring, a subtle yet very distinctive detail.

Often referred to as a symbol of great significance to the royal couple, a pansy adorns the 18k gold nib. The small crown associated with the image of Queen Victoria (placed on her coffin after her death) is recreated in black lacquer on the cap’s finial and set with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl. 

Montblanc High Artistry The First Ascent of the Mont Blanc Limited Edition 1

By far the rarest and most beautiful gem Montblanc has created this year is the High Artistry Edition dedicated to the first ascent of Mont Blanc – a single piece available worldwide, which is a little too limited, isn’t it? Before we go any further, I’m curious though, who in this world is lucky enough to own this impressive masterpiece. 

With pretty much every inch of it set with diamonds, the fountain pen depicts the great vision of conquering the Mont Blanc massif on a very detailed handcrafted miniature grisaille enamel painting that encircles the white gold cap. The illustrations are framed by vibrant ribbons of alternating sapphires and diamonds.

Creating a beautiful gradient effect from a crystalline base upwards to a light blue sapphire atmosphere, countless diamonds in mixed mounts and mixed cuts are set into the bottom of the cap. The visual spectacle continues at the top of the cap where a rounded rock crystal opens to reveal a skeletonized ‘Mont Blanc massif’ holding the high value center stone resting atop an engraved Montblanc emblem.

As an homage to the historical first ascent of Mont Blanc, the clip is designed as a miniature replica of two of the most essential tools used by the first climbers to reach the peak of Mont Blanc: the alpenstock and axe and the clip ring is engraved with ‘8 Août 1786’, reference to the date of the first ascent. 

The barrel of the pen looks just as luxurious. Made of solid white gold and coated with rhodium, it is set with diamonds in mixed cuts and settings to evoke the reflective wonder of the snowy, frozen Mont Blanc peak in the sunlight. The diamonds sapphires on the cap and barrel seem not to be enough so they continue to adorn the 18k gold fittings and the cone. 

To harmoniously complement the look of the pen, Montblanc decorated the 18k gold nib with a three-dimensional edelweiss flower engraving and a diamond in its center, making sure that no part of this pen is left without a diamond adorning it, or more.

In case you were wondering, this beauty has been sold for no less than $1,392,500.00.

We at Inkstable are looking forward to the new Montblanc editions of 2023. No doubt they will be just as spectacular.

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